LED Enterprise's Survival in the Internet Age

LED Enterprise's Survival in the Internet Age

The group path relied on in the Internet era has changed. The traditional industry chain game is to create economies of scale. The so-called business model is nothing more than a predecessor to a scale economy operation model. The gameplay in the Internet era is to divide the economies of scale into A small piece of small, everyone is looking for business opportunities in a small area. Under the conditions of the new era, if traditional games are not adapted to such changes, they will die badly. However, the new ways of playing do not have so many mysterious things. They are nothing more than socialization. Everyone gathers to play. Then, how do LED lighting companies, as traditional businesses, play?

Traditional media and traditional lighting companies as a form of expression of traditional enterprises, their playing methods are very similar, the following will take the traditional media as an example, we take a look at and learn from this new media era, how should we play?

This new gameplay is similar to the media. Everyone, whether traditional media or new media, is playing, but the contents of the traditional media load are diverse: serious, lively, gossip, and dog blood. Things in the Internet age have made all content a living advertisement. Individual activities are displayed through numerous social media. There are more channels, more content is distributed, and more people gather. The traditional forms of media, of course, are no match for the lively and diverse forms of the new media. The latter, after all, is too grounded. However, this does not mean that traditional forms of media tend to take the form of new media: For example, serious and serious things, it seems that in the era of the new media, many old scholars appear to be revealed, but many basic things are This old pedant lays down, and the birth of new media forms is not out of thin air.

Everything is advertised. This is correct. There is no need to say more. However, this theory is not profound: Traditional enterprises have no more than several forms of publicity for their products: television, radio, posters, and exhibitions or product promotion meetings. The channels are simple, the audience gathering ability is weak, and the cost of input is low. It's also huge. It's nothing more than a failure to catch up to the Internet age. The era of the Internet is inherently unmediated and desupported. Online content is placed online. Relying on the virtual environment to promote products is itself a feature of the Internet. It is necessary to create a profound theory that the Internet is amazing. In fact, it's a bit overstated.

The traditional things are undergoing transformation. It is only that the traditional enterprises are difficult to adapt to the characteristics of the Internet's de-intermediation and fan clustering in the original business model. The transition is a bit slow, but there is absolutely no possibility of being eliminated. Since the Internet market has formed, traditional enterprises have the need for transformation, which is the goal of the transformation of the Internet. The transformation is not eliminated, but creates a harmonious ecology, and everyone coexists. It is understood that this kind of transformation is nothing more than the transformation of channels, the introduction of traditional product introductions, corporate culture, or business models through various channels. The number of channels has increased, and content will naturally be widely declared. Because traditional enterprises are not contentless, but there are not so many channels, the content is not going out.

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