Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color

Model NO.: Power Substation
Application Range: Power Plants
Shell Material: Stainless Steel
Shell Protection Grade: IP56
Brand: Shenrong Electric
Outing Structure: Stainless Materials
Components: Switches, Circuit Breakers, Electricity Cables
Functions: Protection, Isolation, Electricity Distribution
Warranty Period: One Year
Product Type: OEM or ODM Customized Switchgear Products
Cabinet Type: Outing Door
Protective Level: IP Level Value According The Applied Environment
Certification 01: GB/T 19001-2008/ISO9001:2008
Certification 02: GB/T 28001-2011/Ohsas18001:2007
Certification 03: GB/T 24001-2004/ISO14001:2004
Transport Package: Normal Exporting Package
Specification: DFW-12 Type Cable Distribution Box
Origin: China
HS Code: 8537109090
1. Product Name:
    Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color

2. Product Description:
    DFW-12 Type 10KV Outdoor Cable Distribution Box is applied in relay tap of 10KV electricity power system and electricity distribution. It is a important electrical equipment of collection and shunting for outdoor cable. Distribution Box has common type cable distribution box and cable distribution box with switch. Also it can be divided into ordinary type and flood-control type two kinds. It is applied in urban district and concentration area of industrial and mining enterprises widely to realize cable reconstructed in City's electronic network. It is a most preferred product for realizing ring network power supply.

3. Performance features:
    (1)The body of DFW-12 type 10kV outdoor cable distribution box is made with cold rolled steel plate and stainless steel plate. The cabinet body is dealt with outing spraying and there is anti-waterproof guide professionally designed in the connection place. Strong structure and small size, beautiful and generous appearance, it is very convenient for cable connected. It can be adaptable for very bad external environment and there is free maintainence during service life.
    (2)8.3A ordinary type cable distribution box is used with full insulated and sealed silicon rubber cable head, connected up to eight branch cables at most, equipped with electricity display of installation, with gas pressure supportive pole. Distribution box has European style and American style two kinds.
      a. European style cable distribution box is adopted by wear casing wall and European type cable head. More than three path branchers are adopted with two side cable connection and single side can be connected by four branchers cable. It can be adopted by insulated cable head or full sealed, insulation cable head; The body of box is full sealed. Rated current can reach to 630A. 
       b. Common type cable distribution of American style cable distribution box is adopted with complanate multi casing pipe, American cable head, which can be connected by six path branch that is made by full insulated and sealed cable head. The cabinet body is full sealed. Rated current can reach to 600A.
     (3) 8.3B cable distribution box with switch can be designed to more than ten cable path branchers at most for distributing and converting and connection ways, which is very convenient and flexible. It can be equipped by outdoor sub-section post. The switch not only can select SF6 inflatable load switchgear, but also can select anti-waterproof touching type cable head. Also it can select ordinary SF6 load switchgear; The breaking cabinet and other various functional cabinet; Cable can equipped with full sealed, insulated cable head and also can be equipped with ordinary cable head. There is more convenient various incoming and outing line ways.

4. Model Explanation
    Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color

5. Technology Parameters:
Technology Parameters      
Item Ordinary Model Anti-waterproof 
and touching model
With switch model
Rated voltage 12kV - 12kV/6.3kV
Rated current 630A - 630A      1250A
Rated short time tolerant current 20kA/2S - 20kA/3S   25kA/2S
Rated dynamic current 50kV - 50kV
Working tolerant voltage 42kV/1min 38KV/1min 42kV/1min
Rated lighting impulse voltage 75kV - 75kV
Protection level IP3X - IP3X       IP4X
Service life more than 30 years - more than 20 years
Acclimation temperature: -30ºC-50ºC
humidity: 95%
- temperature: -25ºC-45ºC
humidity: 95%
Altitude 1000 meters - -

6.Pictures as below: 

Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color
Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color
Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color
Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color
Dfw-12 Model High Voltage Metal Shell Substation Cable Distribution Box with Green Color

 7. FAQ
001 Q What is electrical switchgear
A Electrical switchgear is a key component in electrical power systems and is used to both distribute electrical power and to selectively isolate electrical loads.
The switchgear is a switching device comprising of connecting or disconnecting switches, fuses or circuit breakers, protective and controlling devices which can be used to isolate electrical apparatus in faulty condition or during maintenance period, or to connect the same in desired healthy conditions.
002 Q Do we need to monitor the switchgear conditions
A Yes, Because switchgear distributes electrical current, heat build-up becomes an important characteristic to monitor. In particular, unexpected temperature rise at a particular location could indicate corrosion or some other type of defect. Thermal effects are especially visible in medium voltage switch gears used in distribution networks, where electrical currents may rise to few thousands of amperes. Thus keeping switchgears in proper condition over their long life becomes a critical issue.
003 Q What are the main causes of arc flashes in industrial switchgear?
A The main causes of arc flashes in industrial switchgear are: the application of tools to energize switchgear, deteriorated insulation on phase bus bars, and loose 
electrical connections that overheat. These things can be prevented by proper safety measures and regular maintenance.
004 Q What is the lowest voltage at which arc flashes occur?
A 120 volts is generally considered the lowest voltage at which arc flashes occur. The voltage of industrial switchgear can exceed this voltage by hundreds of thousands of 
005 Q What is Metal Enclosed Switchgear?
A Metal Enclosed Switchgear is a switchgear assembly that encloses all necessary equipment and device in separate metal vertical structure (i.e MCCs, PCC), however they 
each metal compartment are not separated from one another by metal barriers. It's used often with low voltage equipment. 
006 Q What is Metal Clad switchgear?
A Metal Clad Switchgear is a switchgear assembly that encloses all necessary equipment and devices in one metal house, but compartments in this assembly is separated from
one another by metal barrier. When metal clad switchgear is used or assumed when MV switchgear is provided.
007 Q Difference between Metal Enclosed Switchgear and metal Clad Switchgear.
A Metal enclosed switchgear: Assembled with separate metal vertical section
Metal Clad Switchgear: Assembled in one metal structure.
MES: each compartment is not separated from one another with metal barrier.
MCS: each compartment is separated from one another with metal barrier.
MES: Frequently used in LV system.
MCS: Frequently used in MV System. When MCS is said MV Switchgear is assumed.
MES: All breakers and other switching devices are fixed type.
MCS: All breakers are withdrawable type.
018 Q What is a transformer substation?
A A substation may include transformers to change voltage levels between high transmission voltages and lower distribution voltages, or at the interconnection of two 
different transmission voltages. ... The word substation comes from the days before the distribution system became a grid.
019 Q What is the main purpose of a substation?
A The purpose of a substation is to 'step down' high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes 
and businesses through our distribution lines.
020 Q What are the main components of a substation?
A The substation is an assembly of the following major electrical equipments:
Electrical Power transformers.
Instrument transformers.
Conductors & Insulators.
Bus bars.
Lightning arresters.
Circuit breakers.
021 Q What is the purpose of a bus bar?
A In electrical power distribution, a busbar (also spelled bus bar, or sometimes as bus bar or bussbar, with the term bus being a contraction, "for all") is a strip or bar of copper, brass or aluminium that conducts electricity within a switchboard, distribution board, substation,
022 Q Breaker Box
A A breaker box - more commonly known as an electrical panel - is mounted on the wall, usually in the basement of a home, and its purpose is to take in electricity 
supplied by your power company and redistribute it throughout your home through electrical circuits.
023 Q Circuit Breakers
A These are large switches that act as safety devices to quickly shut off power to a circuit when there's too much electricity flowing through it. Typically, when that happens, the breaker will switch to the "off" position. Electrician's say that the circuit breaker for that zone has "tripped".
Most of the circuit breakers in your breaker box are single pole breakers. Some of the circuit breakers - the ones that look like two single breakers stuck together - are double pole breakers. These are for the large appliances in your home like your refrigerator, stove, clothes dryer, water heater, etc.
There are also some "special purpose" breakers designed to provide your home with extra protection from fire and electrocution.
024 Q Service Disconnect Switch
A This is where the electricity that powers your home comes into the electrical panel. The service disconnect - sometimes called the main breaker - looks like a larger 
version of a circuit breaker and is usually found at the very top or bottom of the breaker box. In case of emergency, this is where you can turn off power to your home by rocking the switch to the "off" position.

8. Ordering instruction(12KV High Voltage Cable Distribution cabinet(Substation))
Ordering instruction(12KV High Voltage Cable Distribution cabinet(Substation))
Please provide those below detailed information, when you order the switchgear.
001 Main connection wire solution serial number and single line system diagram, arrangement and plane layout drawing
002 Main connection line solution serial number, purpose and single line system diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short circuit breaking current, distribution electricity chamber plane layout diagram, arrangement diagram of switchgear and so on. 
003 Requirement of switchgear control,measurement and protection function and requirement of other shutting and automatic device.
004 Model, specificaton, quantity of switchgear equipment's electrical apparatus elements
005 Electrical equipments summary sheet
006 If the interspace of switchgears or incoming line cabinet need bus line bridge to connect, please provide rated load current of bus line bridge. 
007 If you need busbar (busbar between two array cabinets and busbar between wall cabinets), please provide detailed span and high altitude distance.
008 If the switch equipments are used in the special environment conditions, please put forward it when you order the switchgear.
009 When you need other apparatus or exceed attachment supplied equipment list, please put forward model and quantity you need.
010 Other special requirements.


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