The latest application: use the LED signal to go online!

No broadband or wireless router is required, as long as the light is on, the wireless signal can be transmitted through the light to achieve Internet access. This scene that appears to have only appeared in science fiction films has now become a reality.

Jiangsu Shijie Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has developed a smart home system that can use LED optical communication to achieve the organic integration of lighting and intelligent communication. This achievement is expected to be transformed in Yangzhou within three to five years.

1. Turn on the LED lamp, the lighting is correct online

Many people who are accustomed to wireless Internet access have encountered such troubles: if the room is blocked by walls and other objects, the signal at some places is very poor; when there are many people online, the network speed will be very stuck. So scientists thought: why not let the light emit signals? In this way, as long as the light is on, there is no need to worry about the Internet.

"Semiconductor smart home system can be used as a light source for optical wireless communication while illuminating through semiconductor LED lights." Li Yiyang, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Shijie Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of California, USA Light-emitting diodes) can directly convert electricity into light, and can also become a carrier of wireless signals.

"An important application of the smart home system is the high-speed wireless optical intervention and networking of indoor mobile terminals (such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.). We placed a module in the lamp, which can receive and transmit wireless signals." Li Yi Yang said that the use of LED lighting to access the Internet has the advantages of fast Internet access, high link performance, and large capacity. It overcomes the current bottleneck of small system capacity due to the limited wireless spectrum resources.

Li Yiyang said that LED lighting is a recognized energy-saving light source and the mainstream lighting source in the future; optical wireless communication is a typical green and healthy communication because it does not have any electromagnetic waves.

2. The Internet speed doubles and the cost is halved

Li Yiyang said that after the application of this system, whether it is a street lamp in a community or a lighting lamp in every house, it can send wireless Internet access signals.

There is a "last mile" problem in the communications industry, that is, the dilemma encountered when accessing communication services from high-speed communication backbone networks to end users-in order to increase the speed of the last short path of broadband services, it is often expensive cost. "Now the speed of fiber optic broadband in many communities is 4M-6M. The wireless signal of LED lights can theoretically achieve a transmission speed of 80M, and the signal is more stable. The cost is only half of the wired broadband."

When the LED light is turned on, the light can be used to transmit signals. What if the light is not turned on during the day? Li Yiyang explained that when the light is turned off, the module in the light can be replaced with infrared light to transmit the signal.

Although there are many benefits of using LED light to access the Internet, due to the limitation of the emitted energy, optical wireless communication cannot be transmitted too far. Moreover, because its transmission data relies on the medium of the atmosphere, its reliability will be affected by external factors such as weather changes.

3. The miner's "top light" can also communicate

In addition to the Internet, in what areas can LED light be used?

As we all know, to prevent gas explosions, people working in underground mines are not allowed to talk on the phone. However, Li Yiyang said that in the mine, the miners rely on the LED lights mounted on the helmet to exchange information, and can also access the wired network through the tunnel lights on both sides to achieve communication with the outside of the well, positioning of the miners and real-time monitoring of the underground Wait.

“Once optical communication is used, miners working underground do not have to go to specific lanes and use special telephones every time they make a phone call, as long as they wear LED helmets equipped with helmets to communicate with each other, or through the receiving tunnel. The signal sent by the specific module on the side of the light and transmitted through the optical carrier communicates with the ground. "Li Yiyang also said that in addition to the simple communication function, optical communication can also locate the location of the miners. And feedback. If there is a sudden situation in the well, through optical communication, the outside world can know the specific location of the miner as soon as possible.

Li Yiyang told reporters that the "smart mine" system has entered the research and development test stage at China University of Mining and Technology, and is expected to be tested by the end of this year. It is reported that they have preliminarily set a factory to produce "smart mine" related equipment and instruments in Yangzhou.

4. LED positioning and navigation

In addition, LED optical communication systems can also be used in situations where wireless communication systems such as hospital operating rooms and aircraft cabins are prohibited or restricted.

The reporter also learned that the future application of optical communications is very broad. In addition to the use in homes and special environments, it can also realize the positioning and navigation of palm-type mobile terminals in large and complex places, buildings, subways, etc. In these environments, many LED lights can be used as position sensors to provide positioning information, just like many satellites in GPS systems.

"This function is very practical. For example, in a large shopping mall, you ca n’t find the goods you need, and you can accurately tell the consumer through optical communication.

The location of the items required by the consumer, and at the same time, it can also transmit the latest products and discount information to consumers. "Li Yiyang said.

Not only that, more and more vehicles are now using white LED lights, so that vehicles, vehicles and traffic lights can communicate through LEDs, and drivers can get the most timely road information while driving. If LED street lights are also installed on the highway, the lighting system can become a "media" through optical communication technology, broadcasting various practical information to visitors, such as the introduction of city attractions, real-time road conditions, commercial activities, etc.

"In layman's terms, LED lights no longer only have the function of a single lighting, but can also achieve 'coming and going' communication."

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