3,000 yuan smart TV which is a good 55 inch 4K model summary recommended

Although the current consumption concept and living standards have been improved, the sensitivity to price has remained unchanged. It can be said that the price is still an important criterion for consumers to purchase TV products. Even though new television products are being layered out, consumers are not willing to spend more money to experience it. When they buy TVs, they want low prices. Now the big-screen 4K smart TV is the current trend, consumers will not give up the great experience brought by big-screen TVs, and will not pay for high-priced big screens. Therefore, it is necessary to find a strong balance between price and size. .

55-inch is the best size living room, now more than 3,000 yuan can buy, and the viewing effect is very good. So what products are good? Here we give you a few carefully selected the best value of the machine, some focus on functional experience, some focus on quality experience, some focus on content experience, consumers can choose according to preferences.

Editor's Choice 1: Cool open U55C

Machine highlights: 64-bit processor, flagship authentic, excellent quality content

Reference price: 3599 yuan sofa butler installation tutorial: cool open U55 installation method

This is a very good value for money and has a very high sales TV, not only has a large 55-inch screen and 4K resolution, but also has a new Cool open 5.0 system, excellent 64-bit TV operating system, simple interface design and durability The remote control can meet the diverse needs. This machine integrates Tencent videos that most young people like to watch. It is rich in content and provides the best quality content in a timely manner. Currently in Tmall and Jingdong hot sale, the reference price is 3599 yuan, like consumers can click to enter the flagship store to buy.

Cool open U55C TV appearance is simple and stylish yet stylish, using high-brightness narrow edge design, drawing and bronzing process decoration strips, so that the border is full of texture, but still elegant. Magic Moon's base, in contrast to the screen black, looks clean and tidy overall. The aircraft is equipped with a 10-core powerful hardware configuration, the configuration of the 4-core 64-bit A53 processor is higher than that of the mainstream 32-bit chip, and the performance is much higher than that of the Cotex-A17. Naturally, there is a great deal of data and operation. Advantages: There will be no problems such as buffering or jamming in operation, video, and games, and it will become a hot product.

Cool white is an exclusive remote control, white design, very few buttons, thin and slim, durable, safe and comfortable. Inside the battery operation 60,000 times, can be used for more than six months; material through the EU environmental testing, safe and non-toxic, the child is also safe to hold; child's lock on the back can let the child can not remove the battery, to avoid the battery and remote control split the dilemma. It can be said that the Cool Open U55C is a very intimate product, starting from small details, allowing users to really feel sincere.

Edit Comment: Cool open U55C TV is quite kind on the price, after all, this is a big screen 4K smart TV. In the configuration, operating system and content, etc. are not ambiguous, the strength is very strong. The intimate design of the remote control is very touching, and the pain points of the users are solved one by one. It is very worthwhile for consumers to purchase.

Editor's Choice 2: Millet TV 3

Machine highlights: Split TV

Reference price: 3999-4999 Sofa butler installation tutorial: millet TV 3 installation method

In the smart TV field, a new concept has been added: there are split TVs, and some manufacturers make big fuss on split TV, but the added price is paid by consumers. In the final analysis, split TV can be considered as a smart TV. Millet TV 3 separates the host from the screen, and the sound quality can be upgraded to HiFi audio level. Under the condition of ensuring a rich content resource, the camera is divided into two versions. The standard audio and TV host is 3999 yuan, and the split suit is 4999 yuan. Interested consumers can enter the millet official website to buy.

Because it is split TV, the mainframe and the screen are completely separate, external audio, it seems a TV is divided into several parts. Millet TV 3 uses a full-metal body design, the frame uses a double 45-degree drilling process, forming a texture, giving off a golden light. The body is thin and slim, and the overall appearance is more dignified. The machine adopts MStar 6A928 and is equipped with a 4-core Cotex-A17 processor, which improves the speed of performance. The standard independent TV stereo sound quality is comparable to HiFi, the sound distortion is small, high-pitched, mid-range, bass deep, experience, can bring extraordinary enjoyment of the ear.

In terms of content, the aircraft integrates a large number of video resources, rich source library, Hollywood blockbusters, TV drama series, variety shows, etc. can choose. MIUI system, most of the intimate functions, you can enjoy it.

Editor Comments: The millet TV 3's split design has created a new trend in the industry. Split TV splits the screen from the host and can be upgraded independently. This new concept is an innovation in the TV field. The machine's fine design, excellent picture quality and rich content are still very good. However, the metal body is easy to heat, Cotex-A17's processor performance is also very general, like the pursuit of new or consumer demand for sound may wish to pay attention.

Editor's Choice 3: Micro Whale TV

Machine highlights: 64-bit processor

Reference price: 3897 yuan sofa butler installation tutorial: micro whale WKT55K1 installation method

Microwhales are new brands that entered the television field last year. They have entered the fast-war era for a while and have to say that they have the courage to do so. This 55-inch 4K flagship smart TV is considered one of the micro-whale masterpieces, has a massive amount of content, super audio and video and smooth experience, the current aircraft on its official website priced at 3897 yuan, of which the hardware price is 3799 yuan.

TV is the center of the living room and needs fashion and elegance, but also close to nature. Micro Whale TV uses a slim streamlined design and a cool all-metal frame to bring a luxurious metallic look. In terms of picture quality, the 4K Ultra HD image quality is matched with a high-quality backlight module and a picture quality engine. The color performance is rich, the light is soft, and long-term viewing will not affect the visual acuity.

Microwhale TV uses the MStar 6A828 TV chip, a 64-bit quad-core processor, and a YunOS system to give full play to the performance of the chip and provide strong driving force. The machine subverts the traditional UI design and uses a waterfall-flow page layout to fit consumers' operating habits. The interface is also very simple and clear, and smooth intelligence adds fun to it. In terms of content, micro-whale TV is also unambiguous, investing huge amounts of money in building content production platforms. Basically, the contents of this content are all available.

Editor Comments: This is a new TV brand, with a refined appearance and good configuration, coupled with a steady stream of content, it is worth consumers to consider. However, compared with Cool U55C, the price of 3897 yuan seems to be a little higher, and the latter has launched a number of influential products in the market. Its popularity has rapidly increased, and relying on the old brand Skyworth, has a strong strength.

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