How do you know the maintenance of Android phone in summer?

How do you maintain the Android phone in summer? You know?

As we all know, summer is a hot, rainy and humid season, and this climate feature can easily bring some small troubles to high-end communication products. Mobile phones, as the most commonly used communication tools for people, are facing the “test of summer”. Mobile phone maintenance costs range from a few tens of yuan to as much as a few hundred dollars. However, if you can pay attention to the relevant use of common sense, not only will the opportunity for repairs be reduced, but also the proper maintenance, your mobile phone will also be "longevity." Especially in the summer with high temperatures and heavy thunderstorms, we must pay more attention to the use and maintenance of mobile phones. The following points must be observed when using mobile phones in summer:
1, to avoid moisture, rain machine as a high-end communications products, there are a large number of precision components, once the water or moisture easily lead to metal interfaces, circuit boards, rust and short circuit. Summer is a season with abundant rainfall. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using the mobile phone in wet environments such as seaside and rain and fog, especially to prevent rain from reaching the surface of the mobile phone. Once the mobile phone enters the water, the treatment method is to immediately remove the battery, as soon as possible to send a professional repair station repairs, must not be air-dried or unauthorized open the internal movement.
2, to avoid dust, oil due to the high temperature in the summer, people tend to sweat oil. When answering a mobile phone, the mobile phone panel is often in contact with the face. Grease and sweat can contaminate the surface of the mobile phone and even damage the internal circuits. At the same time, a lot of oil and sweat absorb dust, and the invasion of dust poses a threat to the service life of the mobile phone. In order to prolong the working life of the mobile phone, you can regularly use a small amount of anhydrous alcohol to wipe the surface of the mobile phone to remove stains and avoid using high-concentration products such as strong cleaning agents and washing liquids.
3, to avoid lightning in summer due to thin clothing, mobile phones are not easy to place, some people simply take it in their hands, which virtually increased the opportunity for mobile phone bump. The mobile phone is squeezed or bumped, the LCD screen is easily damaged or black spots appear on the screen, and the circuit components may also fall off due to a crash. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the phone from being accidentally damaged. In addition, during thunderstorm days, do not use mobile phones outdoors and in open areas. The danger of this is that the mobile phone is completely destroyed and the user's life safety is also threatened.
4, to avoid the battery in high temperature mobile phone battery maintenance is a problem to be paid attention throughout the year. Experiments have shown that between 0 and 10 degrees, a lithium-ion battery is stored for one month, and the battery power can be maintained at about 90%; between 30 and 40 degrees, the same battery has only 60% of the electricity for only one week. The high temperature can damage the battery.

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