The former king! Where did Nokia lose?

The former king! Where did Nokia lose?

Over the past two days, a very sensational message has been circulating on the Internet, saying that Nokia has merged with Microsoft. “Today is the last day of Nokia.” This post proved to be wrong. First, the Nokia mobile phone part actually became a part of Microsoft in April. Second, Nokia did not disappear. It just sold the mobile phone department and forever or temporarily withdrew from the mobile phone market. Nokia's communication equipment Still very powerful.

In any case, Nokia's mobile giant is indeed down, perhaps a fall, perhaps the fall is to get up, but Nokia's decline from the peak is an indisputable fact, and Nokia's failure in the end?

According to Nokia's CEO, Nokia did not miss one thing, all did it, and why couldn't we avoid the fate of being acquired? Many people have conducted detailed analyses from various angles. Here we discuss some of the reasons for the emptiness:

1. The times change, the number of Nokia mobile phones is exhausted and there is no way to recover

Businesses want to be evergreen, the emperor wants to live forever, the dynasty wants to be in all ages, but it turns out that no one can do it. The prosperity of Nokia mobile phones is a product of an era and a typical hero of the era. Nokia also mistakenly entered the field by mistake, but never expected it to be brilliant.

The day that the company has ended, this is a trend that no one can resist. Nokia has been in the spotlight for almost 20 years. The absolute dominant position of the mobile phone market for a long time is also considered a living value. When one’s own time passes, it is not a failure for oneself to recognize the timing of the withdrawal of the historical stage.

2, the most unfortunate is the encounter with God like Jobs

The decline rate of Nokia handsets exceeded expectations. In fact, this could have persisted for a few years just because they encountered the same Steve Jobs. Jobs's Apple Computer once led the world, but then did not catch up with the progress of the times and missed the opportunity. As a loser, Jobs returned to Apple after a hard exploration, from the IPOD to IPHONE, all the energy outbreak, Nokia happened to be in the gun Mouth.

Jobs, such as this figure may only appear one hundred years later, Nokia's career just happened to be Jobs's fancy when he was the most brilliant. Naturally, Nokia only fell. Rejuvenated, what bright? Just let Nokia depressed, Jobs left after tossing the yellow Nokia, resulting in Samsung's loopholes.

3, bear too many missions, overwhelmed

Nokia has become a symbol in its own country, and it is one of the country's main economic pillars. These positions have seriously surpassed the mission that a company should bear, and ultimately pressure Nokia.

With more and more unrealistic hopes of the Nokia countries and their trust in the people, it is impossible for Nokia to act in full accordance with the concept and practice of a company, and it will have to strategically lose out on its opponents, from the operating system. The closure of outsourcing to R&D production was one step later.

4, large enterprises are ill, especially the conservative European companies

European companies are generally conservative. They are less willing than American companies to accept new things. Especially for giant companies like Nokia, the transition decision is a very difficult process. After Nokia, auto companies such as Mercedes-Benz BMW are also facing the impact of Tesla and other new US automotive industries. They also have poor response and are conservatively lagging.

All the big companies are turning heads in a difficult ship, with long strategic decision-making cycles, unresponsive changes in the market, and unacceptable changes in customary management. This is why Haier’s recent big changes have taken place.

5. Division of labor between the United States and Europe to concentrate on meeting the challenges of Chinese equipment manufacturers

Nokia's abandonment of the mobile phone business is an integral part of the international division of labor. In the communications industry, European companies have given up their terminal industries and turned their attention to doing a good job of communicating devices. U.S. companies have given up communications equipment and put the terminal industry firmly in their hands. Nowadays, the United States has seized the chip in one hand and seized the operating system in one hand. It has also taken control of the smart terminal industry in both hardware and software. Europe has not hesitated to launch a trade war to guarantee the interests of its LTE equipment industry. There is only one goal to deal with China's Huawei ZTE.

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