LED manufacturers must lay the foundation for LED franchise from three aspects

In order to better capture the market, many LED lamp manufacturers have to get involved in the field of LED franchise, for a time, such as Ding poly led franchise stores franchise stores have mushroomed throughout the country, a lot of led lamp manufacturers believe that as long as The franchise stores are all up and everything is far from simple. LED light manufacturers must lay the foundation for the LED franchise from the following three aspects:

1, led light manufacturers to abundant their own products, this is also a lot of led lights manufacturer's dream, but in the current actual situation, a single manufacturer almost no way to meet the franchise stores need the product line. The product lines that can be satisfied with the led franchise can be divided into three categories: one is the engineering product, which is the product series required for the outdoor landscape project; the second is the advertising product, which replaces neon related products such as luminous characters, single and double colors Display screens, outdoor high-definition screens and other low-density display products; the third is the LED products that began to replace the relevant lighting products in the market in the near future, automotive led light bulbs;

2, to understand the market and understand the full operation of the led store, the current large-scale LED franchise building faces a single product, high prices, lack of talent, lack of brand, product positioning is not clear this insurmountable five major difficulties, so many LED industry people are not optimistic about LED franchise. From a certain point of view, they do not agree to open LED franchise stores, the reasons are: First, the LED product itself is not chaotic, domestic LED lighting manufacturer's actual familiarity with LED products is not much, even It is hearsay that there has been no actual inspection of products and markets. Second, a lot of related data provided by upstream suppliers (including chip manufacturers) of LED products are still laboratory data. The actual service life has yet to be overhauled; Third, LED products cover a wide range, it is difficult for manufacturers to complete all the products all the lines, unable to meet the relevant market needs; Fourth, LED products cost too high, and now there is basically no way to really use for civilian use, if open led stores It is not necessary to respond to engineering needs;

3, training professional led sales staff is also led light manufacturers must do a good job, LED franchise must be high-quality professionals, because a lot of users of LED products do not know how to use LED products, in addition The introduction of LED products can not be learned by looking at it, and it requires professional training so that franchise staff can have comprehensive knowledge. In addition, as with Other Products, the channel is also a matter that LED franchise operations must pay attention to. Dingju thinks that they can try to expand the market through the relevant channel model of commercial products, introduce the concept of auto 4S shop, and complete the relevant product after-sales service and matching. The service, in order to be able to be considered a professional brand led franchise stores, such as Ding poly led stores. In addition, talent is the person who can create wealth for the led lamp manufacturer. We are also focusing on photoelectricity in this regard to lay a good foundation for LED to join.

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