Millet TV 3S - the first test of the surface 65 inch TV

On March 23, 2016, Xiaomi Technology held the "2016 Xiaomi TV Strategy Conference" in Beijing, and its first 65-inch curved UHD 4K TV - Xiaomi TV 3S sparked its debut. As the most influential science and technology media in the country, Zhongguancun Online was honoured to take the lead in this nationwide new TV on March 19th. After nearly 100 hours of full-scale in-depth experience, the first time to offer millet to everyone. TV 3S detailed nationwide initial evaluation report.

Millet TV 3S - the first curved TV in the Internet

It must be emphasized that Xiaomi TV 3S is the first mass-produced 65-inch curved TV in the Internet field. Although in December 2015, LeTV released the Super 4 Max65 Curved “Engineering Commemorative Edition” curved TV, this product has not yet been officially released. , Even failed to pass the national 3C official website certification license. Millet and LeTV use the 65-inch curved LCD panel supplied by Samsung Display. In other words, along with the launch of Xiaomi TV 3S, Samsung’s leading surface wind officially radiated to the Internet TV field.

Lei Jun advocated the "new domestic" brand strategic significance

Lei Jun expressed on many occasions the vision of redefining the “new domestic product” standard. In fact, Xiaomi TV supports this hope. On September 5, 2013, the first generation of millet TVs came out. In the next year, the millet TV 2 "tested" detachable independent speakers, and millet TV 2S continued to "grope" in the outbreak of product workmanship and quality experience. Xiaomi TV 3 inherited the millet. TV 2S's excellent quality at the same time find the "split" as the entry point, to achieve a relatively perfect combination of picture quality and sound quality, to a large extent enhance the comprehensive product power of the millet TV.

The 2S of Millet TV, which is brazenly calling for the three major TV brands in Japan, makes us look forward to Millet TV 3S.

Xiaomi's time to enter the television field is less than 3 years. It has already left a deep imprint in the television industry. Simple and stylish design, refreshing and easy-to-use MIUI TV interface design, the concept of the first screen host split, small and practical remote control Designs, etc., are examples of "plagiarism" in major Internet TV brands and traditional TV brands. Even the new KS9800 remote controller for Samsung's 2016 flagship TV is like Xiaomi.

Millet TV 3S "new domestic" target - enhance brand value

In recent years, Xiaomi tried to get rid of his own "low-cost" fate, Xiaomi Note Mobile impact on the high-end market is not satisfactory, but clearly conveyed this signal, and the newly released Xiaomi 5 undoubtedly achieved the target, successful The "price cap" of Xiaomi's mobile phone product line was raised to 2699 yuan. The reason is simple: Xiaomi 5 can afford a higher market price regardless of its design, performance, or product experience. Millet TV 3S official price 8999 yuan, can do it? Next, I will be detailed analysis of millet TV 3S. In order to save time for some readers to read the articles, the author will summarize the key points at the beginning of each page.

Appearance: Defects are not beautiful, others are beautiful

Millet TV 3S - "Bending" is still beautiful

Millet TV 3S is the first mass-produced curved LCD TV in the Internet. The appearance design and the Xiaomi TV 3 are exactly the same, but the whole “turning” of the Samsung 65-inch curved UHD LCD panel. Body thickness is the highlight of the product, the thinnest point is only 5.9mm, to know millet TV 2S and millet TV 3 thinnest are 9.9mm, the progress rate is somewhat exaggerated. As a "new domestic product" that impacts high-end products, the processing of every detail of Xiaomi TV's 3S products is quite the demeanor of the top manufacturers.

Millet TV 3S surface 65 inches TV first test in the country
Millet TV 3S overall modelling does not give people an amazing feeling, but can't find design flaws in every detail. In fact, Xiaomi's family-style “gray color system” is quite suitable for TV product line, allowing users to more More attention is focused on the screen itself. Millet TV 3S screen itself is only the screen carrier, without any interface and host circuit components, metal back design is simple and capable while showing some extravagance. As mentioned above, the millet TV 3S design style is almost the same as the millet TV 3, so we may wish to display the appearance part of the millet TV 3S in an easy graphic form.

The curvature of the millet TV 3S curved screen is the same as the Samsung curved UHD TV

Green is the border part - red is the black circle inside the screen (see larger image)

Quality control is not perfect

Extremely slim 5.9mm body thickness (better than iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7)

Millet TV Family Metal Base Bracket Design

Back full metal material combined with sexy screen "curve"

Regular button design is arranged on the host

A rich enough list of interfaces (at the back of the host)

Trendsetting Smart Bluetooth Remote Control

Sophisticated and compact power plug

Every new product detail is very hard

MiPort high end TV exclusive MiPort interface (polished paint material)
Have to say, millet TV 3S directly chooses 65 inches to be the very wise decision, compares 55 inches curved surface, the 65 inches curved surface screen size brings about the visual sense bracket to be very intense, the user will have the profound feeling that immersed them. Product details, millet TV 3S power cord at both ends of the design of materials are enough "under the blood", plus MiPort also used polished paint material, the overall texture is impressive. The only regret is that the screen image is not completely displayed within the frame. The more obvious "black circle" affects the overall sense of refinement, and the bottom frame is not well-balanced.

MIUI TV System: Inheritance is simple and easy to use

MIUI TV operating system: has never been surpassed by imitation

Millet TV uses the MIUI TV operating system. Ease of use and user-friendliness are the advantages of this system. This is why MIUI TV has been copied by various competitors. The MIUI TV operating system that Xiaomi TV 3S is equipped with has a new improvement. Next, we may feel the boot of the new TV boot, a few steps will be able to get, easy to use the core advantages of inheritance.

The first time the opportunity is automatically loaded to upgrade the TV

One second automatic pairing of Bluetooth remote control

Enter the Wi-Fi account password (or connect to a wired network)

Log in millet account (with Sogou input method input very smart)

If subwoofer can be connected by one key
From the boot guide, millet TV 3S try to simplify the complex things, at the same time press the 2 buttons can instantly match the Bluetooth remote control, select the Wi-Fi name of the area and enter the password to complete the network connection quickly, then enter the millet Accounts and passwords to complete the login, if you have millet subwoofer or other audio equipment, you can easily complete in the boot settings.

Familiar MIUI TV main interface

Numerous core applications on the right side of the main interface (can be added/cut as you like)

Millet TV manual (this interface does not match the main UI tone)

Millet photo album (connect with mobile phone and router)

Millet TV Steward
Millet TV 3S adopts MStar 6A928 smart chip, which is currently the strongest 4K TV chip on the market. With the support of 6A928 high-performance chip, this product is very smooth in operation, and the switching of various programs and the opening/exiting APP response are extremely fast. Experience outstanding. MIUI TV TV system logic clear, reasonable, easy to use and humanity continue to improve. However, TV products are different from mobile phones, and the existence of "memory cleanup" stewards seems to be somewhat redundant.

System settings: the interface is refreshing and logically reasonable

System settings: hidden "high end" ambitions in the refreshing interface

The evolution of the millet TV 3S system setting is one of the imprints of the MIUI TV operating system. After the millet TV system was set up to use dynamic picture design, the occasional lack of frames occurred, which was highlighted by the smooth experience of the overall MIUI system. Especially obvious. Millet TV 3S gave up this fancy setting and changed it into a refreshing menu interface that is more intuitive and easy to use.

System settings main interface

Supports advanced image parameter customization (eye protection mode, motion compensation, 3D to 2D)

Sound setting options

Graphical signal source switching (including fashion pictorial)

Bluetooth subwoofer, Bluetooth handle and other peripheral connections

Picture-in-picture and child locks

System common settings

Energy Savings Settings and Storage Options

Account and application security settings

system message
As a whole, the newly revised MIUI TV system settings, crisp UI interface and more reasonable setting logic can make it easier for users to complete the personalized development of TV products. The seemingly rich classification of actual options is not tedious. Millet added eye protection mode, motion compensation (watch European Cup can be turned on) and other advanced display technology, high-level image parameter options can allow enthusiast-level users to set according to their preferences.

Massive content platform: not thorough

Mass-aggregated content platform: The membership system is not thorough

Millet TV calls itself “mass content platform”, integrates more than 100 video website content resources, and covers the four major licensees of GITV, iCNTV, Mango TV, and China TV. The actual experience is indeed the same, and Xiaomi TV 3S has officially joined the paid membership. The system, with an annual fee of only 199 yuan, is more generous than LeTV's 490 yuan. Unfortunately, the membership system is limited to iQiyi's video platform, and premium content for platforms such as Mango TV and Huashi TV requires additional payment.

GITV Galaxy TV

Push "Little Prince" Movie Recommended

Excellent lighting effect

Clear text display (web video)

Recommended, fitness, competitive and other video resource classification

Massively converged content platform: The platform is indeed very rich

Mango TV main interface

Dolby Area, Blu-ray, Preschool Class Area

China TV main interface
Xiaomi has always known the importance of content. One billion US dollars to create video resources, 1.8 billion yuan to share the iQIYI and become the second largest shareholder, however, many resources on the millet television need to pay separately, so many platforms, to the user Cause no small confusion. With the release of Xiaomi TV 3S, this situation has changed. Although the TV paid membership system is not thorough enough, for example, the author wants to open Mango TV to watch the popular “I am a singer 4” and the system prompts the annual fee of Mango TV to be 360. Yuan, unable to watch.

Local 4K Video: An Internet TV Benchmark

Local 4K video experience: Xiaomi TV 3S has excellent black performance and audio experience

To be honest, the quality of millet TV 3S is beyond our expectations. The author believes that there are three reasons: Samsung's original imported 65-inch curved UHD LCD panel and MStar 6A928 top-level chip MACE-Pro4 UC+ engine to bring the picture quality bonus, Millet's own attention to display technology, such as laser light guide plate technology, KSF Phosphor LED high saturation technology and other mature applications. Coupled with the unbelievably excellent black field performance and 6-channel Dolby audio system, the millet TV 3S video experience can be called the "benchmark" of Internet TV.

The screen outline can't be seen around AUO in the upper right corner (the black field shows excellent performance)

The eyes of millet TVs can be noticed by the naked eye.

4K picture quality outstanding display (above 3 pictures proves millet TV 3S unparalleled black field performance)

Millet TV 3S picture quality is far beyond people's imagination

Excellent three-dimensional screen in exchange for three-dimensional

Rich color rendering power
There are many factors that affect the effect of liquid crystal display, many consumers will pay attention to brightness, contrast, color gamut and other parameters, according to the author many years of experience in LCD product testing, in fact, compared to these conventional values, the performance of the black market is actually more decisive In other words, the LCD backlight system is actually the culprit of destroying the quality of the LCD. Controlling the backlight system can control the image quality. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why millet attaches so much importance to the backlight system, and the laser spotting technology has a huge increase in image quality.

I deliberately chose to experience the ultimate black market performance 4K video demonstration, millet TV 3S integrated quality and top Samsung, Sony's flagship TV compared to a natural distance, but it is already a domestic conscience level. Readers familiar with the properties of different LCD panels should be aware that Samsung's panel has the advantages of excellent and bright colors in the black field, and millet TV 3S basically plays the physical characteristics of Samsung's original panel, which is worthy of recognition.

About the host's built-in 6-channel Dolby Surround audio system

After the millet TV was booted for the first time, the system will have a demonstration of Dolby sound, coupled with the demonstration experience of online video and local 4K video, the 6-channel Dolby Surround audio system built by Xiaomi's host is excellent, but the author encountered a shutdown. There is no sound problem when the speaker is turned on, and the sound of the speaker is restored after the system is reset. It is believed that the firmware can avoid these accidents when it is officially released. Of course, it doesn’t matter. In general, the 3S audio and video experience of Xiaomi TV can be considered as domestic conscience.

Product: TV 3S 65-inch curved millet flat-panel TV 7APP gaming experience: "Three Kingdoms Kill" Online Battle
APP Game Experience: "Three Kingdoms Kill" Online Battle

The experience of the millet TV APP app store has always been good, but it is not very practical to play with various mainstream APPs on TV. The smart phone that can be moved at any time is the best choice. However, the game experience can get a better experience with a large screen. Occasionally, it is a good idea to play online games online. We use the “Three Kingdoms Kill” to download, install, and experience online to demonstrate.

Massive APP game resources

One-click download and auto install

The main interface of the game is clear


The game voice is a sense of substitution

Actual picture

Real-time online connection
Millet TV 3S game APP experience can feel the excellent picture quality, the game language in the built-in 6-channel audio system is also more representative of the background, but the Bluetooth remote control operation is weird, do not play the game okay, like to play leisure The game's recommendation to buy Bluetooth handle to pair, otherwise you can still consider using millet TV 3S's own "cast screen artifact" to experience, use mobile phone and TV connection for the game, mobile touch control than the Bluetooth remote control to be much better.

Casting artifact: Galaxy S7 connection is not ideal

Casting Artifacts: The Experience Fails to Expect

Speaking of Xiaomi's "Screenshot Artifact", it is actually the so-called "multi-screen interaction" of major television brands. In principle, this section is more suitable for demonstrations with the latest millet 5, but the author only has Samsung Galaxy S7 State Bank version (previously Contrast occurred.) Through actual experience, Xiaomi did not leave a good impression on us in this regard. Although the photo transmission was successful, the stability was not good enough. The video transmission was almost unsuccessful. The experience of the cast screen artifact was somewhat disappointing.

Mobile scan code installation screen artifact APP

Successfully installed (app logo design is good)

Lock screen state can directly control the TV

Mobile phone screen artifact APP settings

No Bluetooth handle can be replaced with a mobile phone (provided that the stability of the APP is improved)

Photo Screening Success Video Fails to Prove

Unresponsive to switch photos

Millet cast screen artifact download and install at one go, the same Wi-Fi environment to complete the TV and mobile phone connection match, mobile phone local photos successfully transmitted to the millet TV 3S curved screen, but the left and right switching response is slower, even the mobile phone side photos have been switched, The TV photos are still in motion and the experience needs to be improved. In the local video area, after the screen is selected, the screen will display the reading status. After about 20 seconds, the reading fails. The overall experience does not meet our expectations. This may be related to the complicated office network environment.

Millet TV 3S: Imperfect Chinese goods boutique

Millet TV 3S comprehensive evaluation

Based on the principle of objectiveness and fairness, the author will share the detailed product experience report of Xiaomi TV 3S with the readers for the first time, and it will be close to a 100-hour in-depth experience. We believe that Xiaomi TV 3S can be regarded as a quality product with beautiful and reasonable product design. The top-quality black field performance brought by the material use materials and the laser dot backlighting system is worthy of praise. There is no “drunken” quality of Samsung's original imported UHD curved LCD panels.

The end of the excellent instrument analysis chart is to remind you: The millet TV 3S audio and video experience is the leader in Internet TV.

However, Xiaomi TV 3S is still not perfect. As a flagship model, despite the impressive audio and video experience, there are dark circles in the internal screen that can make Virgo users feel tangled, the bottom border is not well-shaped, and the user experience is poor. It is an urgent problem that Xiaomi needs to solve. Perhaps rice noodles will say that it is not easy for Xiaomi TV to do this in less than three years. It is indeed true, but only if we want to achieve the “new domestic product” standard that Lei Jun has flaunted.

Millet TV 3S price conscience future inestimable

Millet TV 3S official price is 8999 yuan, product design, work materials, core import panel, advanced backlight system, excellent audio and video experience, mature and easy to use MIUI TV operating system, rich content resources, etc., from the overall product force From a point of view, it is a new high-quality curved TV. Imagine that the price of Samsung and Sony's same-size TV products is basically more than 25,000 yuan, and the quality experience of Samsung TV 3S is not as good as it has been. Fortunately, the audio experience has recovered a little.

Millet TV 3S is a "high-end TV with a forbidden Internet"

Returning to the Internet TV industry, Xiaomi TV 3S is taking a high-end line, which is different from LeTV Super TV. The latter only uses product hardware as a display carrier for content. For consumers who are pursuing, Xiaomi TV In the case of content not lost to the opponent, it is obviously a more "forced" choice, not to mention millet content annual fee is only 299 yuan (199 yuan in the first year of purchase). In summary, although millet TV 3S is not perfect, it is a conscience product.

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