Nanjing University of Technology makes a world record for the production of perovskite LED devices

Recently, Nanjing University of Technology has innovatively designed and prepared a perovskite LED with multi-quantum well structure. Its device efficiency and stability far exceed other perovskite LEDs reported by international peers, and it is a perovskite material and its Research in the field of luminescence has opened up new directions. The quantum efficiency of the LED devices produced by the team has reached 11.7%, which is the world's highest record for perovskite LEDs. This important research was published on September 26th in the international top academic journal Nature Photonics.

At present, the low efficiency, lack of stability and high manufacturing cost of OLED devices limit the scope of application of OLED expansion, and the high-efficiency perovskite LED process is characterized by simpler, lower energy consumption and stronger material affinity. The field has opened up new research directions, and it has a broader market prospect after industrialization in the future.

According to Professor Wang Jianpu, the high-efficiency perovskite LEDs they developed contain organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials, which have the advantages of organic and inorganic semiconductor materials. They have two "good" advantages: First, usually inorganic LED tubes Adopting point-type illumination, can not be used as a display screen, only OLED can be used as a display screen, but perovskite LEDs are different from traditional inorganic LEDs, can be used as a display screen, and the image color is more vivid. Second, the advantages of perovskite LED applications in lighting are also obvious. The change of the traditional LED indoor illumination point-like illumination is a planar illumination, so that the indoor light is not glare, closer to natural light, and increase comfort. Conventional inorganic LEDs can only be used in small areas, but this result can be made into a large ceiling-like area, and has advantages such as low defect density, high luminous efficiency, and good color purity compared with conventional inorganic materials.

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