Philips plans to expand agricultural LED lighting applications in Japan

Philips Electronics Japan exhibited LED lighting modules for greenhouse multi-layer cultivation and plant factories at the Japan Facility Horticulture and Plants Exhibition 2012 (GPEC 2012). In the Netherlands, the use of LED lighting as an “auxiliary source” has increased rapidly, and Philips plans to expand it in Japan.

In Japan, agricultural LED lighting is mostly used as the "main light source" of plant factories. In the Netherlands, which promotes agricultural reforms, it is increasingly used as an auxiliary light source to illuminate places where sunlight is difficult to reach. The background is that farmers in the Netherlands are actively introducing the “multi-layer cultivation” approach. The Netherlands mainly restricts the location and area of ​​greenhouse construction from the perspective of landscape. Therefore, many farmers are adopting multi-layer cultivation that effectively utilizes small places. LED auxiliary light sources are often seen in the cultivation of lettuce and tulips. Because of the multi-layer cultivation, the lower layer is harder to illuminate the sunlight than the upper layer. Therefore, LED lamps are often used to supplement the lack of illumination.

Japan's multi-layer cultivation is not as popular as in the Netherlands, but is cultivated in a highly high-density form. Philips Electronics Japan believes that this use also has room for introduction of LED lighting modules. For example, when used in tomato cultivation, the fruit yield and sugar content of the lower part can be increased.

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