Refrigerator is not as big as space

Refrigerator is not as big as space

Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan’s famous pieces have a bridge section “Q: Put the elephant in the refrigerator, a total of several steps? Answer: 3 steps, first open the refrigerator door, then put the elephant and then close the refrigerator door”, although it is A sharp turn, but also reveals the strong demand for effective refrigerator capacity.

Consumers buy refrigerators, in addition to the appearance and price, the next most intuitive parameter point is the volume, the general family in the end to buy more large-capacity refrigerator? Some people have said, of course, the bigger the better! In actual fact, the larger the volume of the refrigerator is, the larger the volume will be. For the current housing area with a large amount of space, it is more important than anything to save a little space. In addition, the larger the volume of the refrigerator, the more ingredients stored, this is a lot of ingredients placed in the refrigerator, consumers often forget what is in the refrigerator, resulting in a long storage time of ingredients, nutrition loss.

What is the general household's demand for refrigerator capacity?

According to the National Refrigerator Standard, the effective capacity is indicated on the product label, which is the actual capacity for storing food. In general, the early refrigerator capacity was roughly 70-80 liters, but with the improvement of living standards and lifestyle changes, people's requirements for refrigerator capacity are increasing, especially the freezer. When choosing, consider the actual situation of your family and your lifestyle. It is generally considered to be 40 to 60 liters per person. Even if it is the case, there will be insufficient refrigerators in actual life.

How to choose the best volume and volume of the refrigerator?

For example, some families may purchase whole leg of lamb or friends from foreign countries on holidays. Although refrigerators store small pieces of food, there is no problem with such a large piece of food. However, how can we solve such problems? What? The author learned that some refrigerator companies have launched a refrigerator that can be disassembled flexibly. For example, the KGF30S121C, which is owned by Bosch, has a large storage space with an internal depth increased from 540mm to 565mm. Optimize the thickness of insulation layer and door structure and evaporator, use the latest 360-degree three-dimensional evaporator, save space, at the same time, you can also dismantle all drawers and glass shelves at will, so that consumers can arbitrarily match according to actual needs, so that even consumers It's not hard to put a whole leg of lamb into the refrigerator!

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