On the technical characteristics of audio speakers

For the sound, the quality of the speaker is very important, so users must understand the technical characteristics of the speaker when choosing the sound, so that they can have a good understanding of the sound and choose a good sound.

1. How to choose speakers?

The speaker is actually a kind of audio electric power signal within the range that can be passed through the transducer (speaker unit) to transform it into audible sound with sufficient sound pressure level. In order to choose the right speaker, you must first understand the properties of the sound signal, and then require the speaker to restore the audio electrical signal to a realistic and natural sound.

The human voice and various musical sounds are random signals whose waveforms are very complicated. The frequency range of audible sounds can generally reach 20Hz-20kHz; the frequency range of the language is about 150Hz-4kHz; and the spectrum range of various music can reach about 40Hz-18kHz. The energy distribution of the average spectrum is: the bass and mid-bass parts are the largest, the middle and high-frequency parts are second, and the high-frequency parts are the smallest (about 1/10 of the energy of the middle and bass parts); the energy of the human voice is mainly concentrated in the frequency of 200Hz-3.5kHz range. The peak value of the audible random signal amplitude is about 10-15dB (or even higher) than its average value. Therefore, the speaker must be able to correctly reproduce these random signals to ensure the beautiful sound quality of the playback. The speaker must have a wide frequency response characteristic, sufficient sound pressure level and a large signal dynamic range.

We hope that a relatively small signal power input can be used to obtain a sufficiently large sound pressure level, that is, a loudspeaker that requires high efficiency to convert electric power into sound pressure sensitivity. It is also required that the speaker system will not be damaged when the input signal is moderately overloaded, that is, it has high reliability.

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