Philips launches new smart LED bulb SlimStyle BR30

Philips introduced the new energy-saving LED bulb SlimStyle BR30, which is a stylish, flat design that is ideal for a variety of lighting fixtures such as wall lights, and consumes 85% less power, is more environmentally friendly and softer.

SlimStyle BR30 looks like a strange plastic mushroom, Philips' latest energy-saving light bulb, SlimStyle BR30 gave up the heat sink that most LED lighting fixtures need. Philips has significantly reduced the backbone of the SlimStyle BR30 bulb so that it does not exceed a plastic support bar and is evenly spread over a large, mushroom-shaped white top with LED lights hidden beneath the white top.

The 9.5W SlimStyle BR30 produces 2700K white light equivalent to a 60W bulb, and Philips claims that it produces 650 lumens of light that is 85% lower than traditional incandescent bulbs and can save up to $152 over the life of the incandescent bulb. Electricity bill.

Philips said the SlimStyle BR30 is now undergoing the ENERGY STAR test. When the first-generation SlimStyle bulb was approved in April this year, thanks to energy company subsidies, the price of this product in each US state fell to less than $2 each.

SlimStyle BR30 will begin selling online in July this year and will be available in physical retail stores one month later with a suggested retail price of $12.97.

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