China-Israel to develop high-efficiency ultra-thin LED flat lighting products

Israel's Oree Company and Jiangsu Xinguanglian Green Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a contract to jointly develop indoor high-efficiency ultra-thin LED flat lighting products. It is reported that the product came out during the year.

Xinguanglian Green Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Wuxi Xishan Economic Development Zone, is an innovative technology enterprise engaged in the development and demonstration of LED lighting fixtures; Israel Oree is the pioneer of the world's top LED flat lighting products, from this century. Since then, it has been leading the development and transformation of global flat lighting technology.

According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly develop internationally advanced and domestically leading high-efficiency ultra-thin LED flat lighting fixtures in accordance with the energy-saving effects and light quality requirements determined by the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions in the “12th Five-Year Plan for China's Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry”. . At present, the project has been included in the ninth round of key projects of the Jiangsu Province and Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Program.

Product features:
â– Good heat dissipation
--Blade design of copper alloy contacts,good conductivity
â– Super high impact resistance and thermal stability
--Cover pans are made of high quality polycarbonate
â– Chemical corrosion resistance
-- Fingerprint-resistant zinc plated mounting brackets
â– Grounding
  --One-piece grounding design,No Load-Weather resistance

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