February Android Tablet Market Status Analysis

February Android Tablet Market Status Analysis

It is worth noting that in February 2014, China's Android tablet market, the number of commercially available products was 451 models, an increase of 13 models from the previous month. Although domestic tablet PC makers still take advantage of brand awareness this month, foreign brands have narrowed the gap between them to less than 10.0%. It is expected that the competition between local brands and foreign brands will become even fiercer in the next month.

Brand attention pattern: Seven domestic brands were included in the top ten list of concern.

Product Focus: Cooler Cube TALK 7X rises to runner-up position.

Price structure: 500-1999 yuan price segment product competition.

Operating System: The Android 4.2 system occupies the mainstream of the market.

Product features: The user's demand for GPS navigation features is relatively high.

Network mode: The proportion of 3G network model products is falling.

Memory capacity: 16GB memory products are most focused on users.

Screen structure: 8-9 inch product attention rate rose.

Brand analysis: Asus brand's attention ratio has declined.

Brand attention pattern

Seven domestic brands entered the top ten

On the Android tablet market in February, Samsung won the championship with 29.1% of users. Lenovo and Asustek are in the second camp, focusing on 15.3% and 10.5%, respectively. The attention of other brands is mainly concentrated between 2.0% and 10.0%. Overall, although Samsung still occupies the spotlight on the list, this month, the number of domestic brands on the list has reached seven, and the market influence is gradually increasing.

Foreign brand products increased slightly

As the main battlefield of home-made tablet PCs, domestic Android brands still took the lead in the Android tablet PC market in February. The proportion of products concerned was 53.4%, which was 6.8% higher than that of foreign brands. However, compared with January, the attention of foreign brand users has risen this month. At the same time, the gap between domestic and domestic brands has narrowed to less than 10.0%, and competition has gradually become more intense.

Samsung continues to maintain its brand awareness

In February, among the top three brands in the list, only Samsung continued to maintain its upward trend. The proportion of its attention rose from 27.1% in January to 29.1% in February, an increase of 2.0%. In comparison, Lenovo and Asustek both experienced declines, but the decline rate was relatively small and the fluctuation range remained within 1.0%. In the 4th to 10th places, Taipower experienced a large decline, with user attention falling by 2.1% compared to January, and other brands remained relatively stable. Concerned about the rankings, this month, the five elements and Dell both rose one, and E person E fell to tenth.

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