Dehao Runda denied that 2014 revenue will exceed 10 billion yuan

On January 19th, Dehao Runda (002005) issued a clarification announcement, according to preliminary budget data estimates, the company's overall sales revenue in 2014 is expected to increase by about 50% compared with 2013, of which LED business sales revenue is expected to increase by about 100%. The amount is about 3 billion yuan, mainly because the demand for LED general lighting market is expected to increase in 2014.

It is reported that a media report published an interview with Mr. Wang Donglei, Chairman of Dehao Runda, mentioned in the report: The company predicts that the revenue of Dehao Runda and NVC in the LED industry will reach 10 billion in 2014 - 12 billion yuan; predicting the next three years, Dehao Runda expects annual growth in the LED field to reach 150%-200%. At the same time, it is said that in the future, Dehao Runda will further increase its stake in NVC Lighting.

Announcement, the 2014 sales of the two companies, namely Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting, in the media report add up to the level of 10 billion to 12 billion yuan, which is Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting. The sales forecast data of the Group (including NVC Lighting listed companies, sales channels not in the listed company system and other businesses) is not the sales revenue data of the two listed companies of Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting. At the same time, it is expected that the sales revenue data of the two listed companies of Dehao Runda and NVC will not reach the level of 10 billion to 12 billion yuan in 2014.

For the increase in NVC lighting, the company said that it will start the acquisition of 214,508,000 shares of NVC Lighting's common stock in due course, and further strengthen its control over NVC lighting.

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