The surge in sales in China has made it difficult for Mercedes-Benz fuel assessment or will produce pure electric vehicles in China.

It is reported that since the design and implementation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) point trading mechanism in California in 1990, the sales of electric vehicles in California in the United States last year accounted for 54.5% of the sales in the United States.

Sales in China have increased, making it difficult for Mercedes-Benz fuel assessment, or will produce pure electric vehicles in China.

At the Paris Motor Show held in October 2016, Mercedes-Benz released its new pure electric SUV concept car, which was officially named "GeneraTIon EQ".

At the same time as the annual sales report, the auto companies may feel anxious about the fuel consumption assessment of passenger cars in 2020 for nearly a year. In late January of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2016-2020 "Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption Limits" and "Pedestrian Vehicle Fuel Consumption Evaluation Methods and Indicators" (both are drafts of opinion) were announced to allow domestic and foreign car companies to The challenge of energy saving and emission reduction facing China is even more severe.

As the fastest-growing Mercedes-Benz brand this year, with the solution of channel problems and the comprehensive replacement of product series, sales in China have been leaping forward. In the next two years, the growth rate of Mercedes-Benz is still optimistic in the industry, and it is even possible to catch up with the old rival BMW brand. However, at the same time of rapid growth, the Mercedes-Benz brand is also facing the above difficulties in fuel consumption limits.

Although it has cooperated with BYD before, it can't work on the Mercedes-Benz brand itself. Therefore, on the basis of a good development in China, Mercedes-Benz is considering setting up a new sub-brand in China, and it is likely to be a series related to new energy. According to overseas media reports, in an effort to promote the localization strategy of automobile production, Mercedes-Benz may establish a battery production plant in China and produce Mercedes-Benz EQ electric vehicles in the future to enhance its new energy. Sales in the field.

According to Mercedes-Benz insiders, the Times Weekly revealed that both Audi and BMW are rushing to introduce hybrid and plug-in products to reduce fuel consumption. Mercedes-Benz has been eager to make up in this area, and new energy has not received much attention. Therefore, Daimler intends to set up a new sub-brand in China to develop new energy.

Pros and cons of high-speed growth

Although this year's auto market relies on the policy of small-displacement purchase tax reduction to achieve more than expected growth rate, but in the luxury car market that is difficult to obtain the preferential policy benefits, it still relies on the product power of the major luxury car brands to play the game.

According to the latest data, in November 2016, Mercedes-Benz brand (excluding smart) sold 42,000 vehicles in China, up 16.5% year-on-year. In the first seven months of this year, sales totaled 429,300 units in China, a year-on-year increase of 27.9%. The continued growth in sales in the Chinese market has made Daimler pay more attention to the development of the Chinese market.

However, the continued high sales volume also makes the Mercedes-Benz brand need to face the more difficult assessment of the 2020 fuel consumption limit. According to the report of the third-party organization, the fuel consumption rating of the top 22 car companies in the Chinese market is actually Production data and automatic/manual transmission models combined with the current CAFC (Enterprise Average Fuel Consumption) level of these vehicles and their respective targets to be achieved in 2015 and 2020, the results show that high displacement and automatic transmission models Automobile brands such as Toyota, Honda and Mercedes-Benz, which have a large sales volume, have the largest gap from the 2020 CAFC standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

For example, Toyota Motor has already achieved the goal of achieving fuel limit standards by promoting miniaturization strategy and hybrid technology. So far, Honda has introduced a small displacement powertrain and hybrid technology such as 1.0T to reduce it. Fuel consumption. As a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz is mainly in the B-level and above, and it is difficult to introduce a smaller-displacement powertrain. Therefore, the new energy field seems to be the best supplement and consideration for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Some insiders told the Times Weekly that the growth rate of Mercedes-Benz cars in recent years is very obvious, but the better the current sales, the more difficult it is to solve the fuel assessment in 2020. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz needs to introduce a new energy project to Balance the current High growth in the traditional fuel vehicle sector, otherwise, Mercedes may need to adjust or control the sales of its traditional fuel products. This is naturally unacceptable for Mercedes-Benz, which is currently in the growth momentum.

For this reason, in order to maintain the current sales growth momentum, Dai Shile Greater China Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Tang Shikai recently said that Mercedes-Benz is considering producing new energy vehicles in China.

Tang Shikai believes that the Chinese government is vigorously promoting the development of electric vehicle products, and Mercedes-Benz will continue to invest in the electric vehicle field. As for the investment in hybrid vehicles, Tang Shikai believes that China's electric vehicle charging infrastructure is not yet perfect, so hybrid vehicles will be vigorously developed.

EQ will focus on pure electricity

Although Mercedes-Benz is currently optimistic about the development of hybrid vehicles, its project is difficult to help it complete the 2020 fuel consumption limit assessment, and Beijing Benz internal management said to Time Weekly reporter: "At present, Mercedes-Benz has achieved global The luxury brand's first position, but we don't have to be the first in China to guarantee our position in the world. We will not lose money at any time to increase sales."

The above-mentioned insiders told the Times Weekly that Mercedes-Benz will launch electric vehicle products based on the concept car EQ in the field of electric vehicles, and use this as the third sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. Under the EQ sub-brand, we expect to continue until 2025. Ten models were launched. Mercedes-Benz EQ will focus on pure electric vehicles, and other hybrid and plug-in hybrid products will continue to develop under the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Public opinion in the industry generally believes. This can be seen as the performance of the Mercedes-Benz brand to further strengthen its development in China. EQ pure electric vehicles are paving the way for the future comprehensive transformation. According to the trademarks applied by Mercedes-Benz overseas applications, the EQ brand already has A-level, C-class and E-class product plans corresponding to the current Mercedes-Benz mainstream series, which can be used as the Mercedes-Benz traditional fuel in the future. A comprehensive complement of the product.

According to industry sources, the Chinese government is currently considering a new incentive policy similar to California's new energy vehicles to promote sales of zero-emission vehicles. It is reported that since the design and implementation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) point trading mechanism in California in 1990, the sales of electric vehicles in California in the United States have accounted for 54.5% of the sales in the United States last year.

Therefore, Mercedes-Benz's desire to promote the pure electric car brand is also in line with current policy needs. According to overseas media reports, in an effort to promote the localization strategy of automobile production, Mercedes-Benz may establish a battery production plant in China in the future and produce Mercedes-Benz EQ electric vehicles. In response to this news, Beijing Benz said to the Times Weekly reporter that the specific project is still under discussion.

According to the data released by the China Automobile Association, new energy vehicles produced 355,000 vehicles in January-October, with sales of 337,000 vehicles, an increase of 77.9% and 82.2% over the same period of the previous year. Among them, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles reached 276,000 and 258,000 respectively, an increase of 98.1% and 102.5% over the same period of the previous year. In the Chinese market, the proportion of new energy vehicles has expanded year by year. It is difficult for luxury brands to achieve further reduction in fuel consumption through the miniaturization of products and traditional power, so they can only choose to enter the new energy field.

In recent years, the Mercedes-Benz brand has been triumphantly rushing. The fuel assessment problem that needs to be solved is actually more difficult than the competition for the new energy market. Unlike hybrid and plug-in, the pure electric vehicle technology is better implemented, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is pulled. The low effect is the most obvious, and with the previous expansion project with BYD, this may be the main reason for Mercedes-Benz to promote the "EQ" brand.

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