Coating new technology will attract the touch panel industry to compete

In the touch panel industry, Lide Optoelectronics, which is famous for its large and medium-sized coatings, performs AR (high penetration and low reflection), AG (anti-glare) and AF (anti-resistance) on the touch panel protection board (CoverLens). High-end film forming suppliers such as fingerprints; this year (2015) developed the first patented long-acting antibacterial and mildew-resistant coating TouchAB for touch panels The new technology, due to the antibacterial effect of up to 99.999% (JISZ2801), anti-mold effect to the Rate0 (NoGrowth) grade (ASTMG21), not only weather resistance, chemical resistance, good light transmission, the board will not yellow discoloration, more compatible Various types of optical coatings; it is expected to attract the global touch panel industry to compete.

Dr. Su Shihao, the general manager of the company, said that Lid Optoelectronics was mainly based on the OEM coating of smart phones in the early stage of its establishment. However, due to the low price and short-term delivery factors of the market, it was actively transformed into a high-tech threshold. In the large and large-scale OEM coating, such as outdoor display, and in order to make the panel chroma and brightness fully presented and fully deepen the Cover Lens AR technology.

Nowadays, we are optimistic about the new public health issues brought about by contact with touch panels, taking the lead in preventive medical research in the touch industry, and developing a new long-acting antibacterial and mildew-coated TouchAB technology for new materials in the world.

Su Shihao pointed out that according to a survey conducted by a British consumer magazine, nearly 25% of the bacteria on the mobile phone panel exceeded the standard, and the dirtiest one was even 18 times more dirty than the toilet. In addition, the touch in the medical equipment in the hospital Screens, smart phones and tablets for medical staff, as well as ATMs for general public use, product touch inquiry services for department stores, touch screens for station ticket vending machines, etc., may interact with touch screens. The route of infection.

The industry has faced this problem and introduced an antibacterial film coated with nano silver. Although nano silver has strong antibacterial power, it has low adhesion, easy to lose viscosity after repeated touches, and is easy to produce sulfur in the air. The reaction causes discoloration and yellowing, which affects the texture of the panel.

Su Shihao went on to emphasize that the long-acting antibacterial coating TouchAB technology developed by the company is to apply new nano zinc materials and organic/inorganic antibacterial composite materials on glass and plastic substrates or membranes. It forms a covalent bond with the substrate, so it has good adhesion; its antibacterial effect is up to 99.999% by SGS, and it has excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance, and can be used with various optical coatings (such as AR, AG, AF, etc.) Compatible implementation.

TouchAB can also be bonded to metals and other materials to provide more imagination space for the subsequent antibacterial dream. In fact, antibacterial coating has a very large market application. In addition to various types of medical institutions and public touch panels, antibacterial protective stickers can be used in existing touch display panels. I believe that through a wider range of types The application of the state will create a new value for the industry.

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