Cool open TV basics do you understand?

(The latest version of U/K/A series shall prevail. The following demo version is U/K/A series 5.0 system)

TV settings include network settings, signal source settings, image settings, sound settings, and factory reset settings. The following one by one.

Network settings
When you want to change the TV network, you can use the remote control to go to the home page - Settings - Network and Connection Settings Network.

If the network connection is unsuccessful:

1. Check if the home network is unblocked;
2, to ensure that the family wireless name does not contain spaces, Chinese characters;
3, try to make the password no less than 8;
4. Try using a wired network connection.

Source settings
If you have external set-top boxes, cool sticks and other devices, you need to switch the signal source. You can directly press the "Set-Top Box" button on the remote control to switch the signal source, or select the signal source in the TV interface to switch.

If you need to set the boot auto start item, the specific method is as follows:
After the remote control homepage interface enters my application--management--self-start management. In addition to boot automatically into the set-top box, you can also set the boot into the TV application

>>If no set-top box is detected
1, check whether the set-top box has been powered on;
2. Check if there is any looseness between the set-top box and the TV plug;
3. If it still does not work, try to reconnect the set-top box STB.

Image settings
If you need to adjust the TV image mode, you can do the following:
Press “Home” on the remote control to enter “Settings” and select the “Image and Sound” setting option to set the image.

Enter the "Image and Sound" of the "Settings" option. There are 4 modes in the image selection item (Standard is soft and soft).

Sound settings
Just like the image settings, the U-Series TV is still adjusted by entering the Settings - Image and Sound settings option.
4 options for sound mode (news movie standard music).
Surround sound can also be set.

Restoring the factory settings clears the TV's cache and formats the TV content. After a successful factory reset, it is recommended to wait 3-5 minutes before restarting the TV again.
TVs in the UK series need to be pressed via the remote control: Home--Settings--Universal Settings--Restore factory settings for factory reset operations.
If you need to learn more about the problem of restoring the factory settings or restoring the factory settings, etc.

Remote Control Press: Home--Settings--Universal Settings--Scheduled Power Off, you can set the time for TV off.

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