UL's first UL 2056 safety standard for mobile power terminals

21ic News UL recently announced the launch of UL 2056, a safety standard for mobile power terminals at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Autumn. UL 2056 is designed to respond to the global mobile power supply's need for safety standards, to protect consumers from personal and property damage, and to reduce the risk of expensive product recycling and brand damage.

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The requirements of UL 2056 cover mobile power terminal products, also known as portable USB chargers or portable backup battery power supplies, which are external mobile power supply devices for low voltage electronic products. This standard applies to products with a maximum DC power input and output rate of 60Vdc. Test items include UL 2054 related electrical and mechanical tests, indicated input current and power capacity verification testing, power 超 power overload testing and integrated PV cell flammability testing (if applicable).

Yu Xiukun, General Manager of Greater China, UL Electronics Technology Industry Department, said: “Manufacturers can make good use of this new new standard to prove that their mobile power products have passed UL's rigorous testing requirements, so that end users can use them with peace of mind. Reliable UL Mark products, which represent a sample of their products through a series of in-depth evaluations by UL professional engineers, can bring consumer confidence."

Yu Xiukuk added: “UL has long been a leader in the development of technology product safety standards and has successfully led product developers and manufacturers to effectively bring products to market.”

UL will participate in the "35th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn)" at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from October 13th to October 16th (Friday), booth M4-A49, in addition to introducing this new In addition to mobile power services, the company will also showcase the latest testing and certification programs, such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, wireless products, wearable products and 3D printing for global market entry services.

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