Open circuit protection scheme for automotive lighting series LED lamp beads

There are many types of LED automotive lighting, which are mainly divided into internal lighting and external lighting. Before introducing the program, we have to know clearly what is the car lighting? The breakdown is as follows:

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1. Internal lighting: backlight, dimming, integrated HMI

2. Exterior lighting: headlights, daytime running lights (DRL), fog lights (FOG), turn signals (TI), decorative lights, position lights (POS), far and near lights (HLB), corner lights (CRN)

3. Communication support: SPI/I?C, LIN, CANBUS

Internal lighting console design reference:

1. Capacitive sensing button for function selection

2. Each button has RGB backlight and LED indicator

3. The ceiling light uses high brightness white LED

4. The entire device uses 12V power input and CAN/LIN total line I/O

Difficulties in external lighting design:

1. Constant current control is required: high current peak shortens LED life

2. Need high-precision control: the capacitor is slowly protected against electricity and causes color drift.

3. Requires high reliability: series LED, single LED short circuit detection

All series LEDs are controlled by a new DSPIC33F GS series. The LED headlamps are connected in series as follows:

1. Low beam (6 LED lights)

2. Range lights (2 LED lights)

3. High beam (8 LED lights or 4 LED lights)

4. Corner lights (4 LED lights)

There is a method for car lamp stabilization. The LED open circuit protection components (PLED06B, PLED06A) are connected in parallel next to each lamp bead. The diagram is as follows:


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