Not 500 but 500 years

Not 500 but 500 years From the traditional knitting industry to the emerging energy industry, Ye Zhiqing, a Yiwu businessman, constantly refreshes the “industry first” record.

In 1996, Ye Zhiqing set up Leye Knitting Co., Ltd. in Yiwu. Although it started late, but with the idea of ​​being honest and trustworthy and quality first, Ye Zhiqing spent 10 years and made Jinhua the number one company.

However, with the development of the times, the labor-intensive traditional industries such as the knitting industry are faced with an increasingly expensive labor force and higher production costs. Even if they are among the best in the industry, Ye Zhiqing still has not given up. s project.

Ye Ching-ching began to pay attention to new industries such as environmental protection, science and technology, and energy. When he accidentally came into contact with the “photovoltaic” energy industry, he took him vigorously and resolutely. Within less than two months, he implemented his project in Chenzhou with a good industrial background.

On May 15, 2007, Leye Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Leye Photovoltaic) was established with a registered capital of 96.35 million yuan. It is located in the green industry cluster of Quzhou, Zhejiang Province and specializes in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and related electronic products.

The main business of Leye Photovoltaic is mainly the research and development, design, production, sales and service of high-efficiency single-crystal and polycrystalline silicon solar cells, new generation high-conversion photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic applications, as well as the design of large and medium-sized photovoltaic systems. Technical Support.

After 5 years, Leye Solar has built a fully automated production line for processing solar cells and modules. The total designed production capacity is 500MW solar cells and 500MW solar modules.

In fact, at present, China has formed a relatively complete photovoltaic manufacturing industry system, but the main problems are: excess production capacity, excessive dependence on external demand, and general business difficulties.

"If the external environment is not good, you must upgrade yourself." Ye Chih-Ching, who has been at the mall for many years, never dared to face the ever-changing market.

The global financial crisis in 2008 was a serious blow to 80% of its products relying on exports, and Leye Photovoltaics, which has just begun production.

Ye Ching-ching decided to "hidden his time and support the embarrassment" and took the opportunity to adjust the internal structure of the enterprise, enhance the quality of his products, actively train soldiers, and wait for opportunities to come again.

“We optimize the internal management of the company. We have no equipment that others have. Our products are complete and sophisticated. I believe that if we fight with our peers, it is definitely a dead end, and we compete with others for high value-added products.”

To enter the Leye Photovoltaic workshop, it must pass through 3 doors. Passing through the first door is a shoe change room. Passing through the second door is a locker room. Strictly regulated enterprise management is the magic weapon that guarantees the quality of Leye photovoltaic products to be the first in the province.

Leye Photovoltaic has established close technical cooperation relationship with Zhejiang University and other institutions and has strong product development capabilities. In the past two years, the company has involved 31 R&D projects and 3 provincial-level industrial new products. The annual average number of scientific and technological achievements has reached 11. The company's continuous technology research and development and product technology innovation drive the company's rapid sales growth and favorable comments from the government and banks. The complete product quality control system, process standards, and top-notch equipment configuration have made our product quality more stable and our product quality has been improved. The customer's full affirmation.

Leye Photovoltaic has independent research and development: Wet Alkali Technology, Multi-Step Diffusion and Phosphorous Absorption Process, Etch, Chemical Meteorological Deposition Technology, Latest Sintering Process and other advanced technologies. The introduction of Germany's promotion of dense grid shallow junction secondary diffusion and back-field and other new technologies, new processes and the recruitment of outstanding personnel, so that the battery photoelectric conversion efficiency has been greatly improved, product quality in the same industry leading position.

Since March 2012, the US “double reverse” high tax rate ruling has seriously affected the development of China’s photovoltaic industry. Local related companies have either stopped or transferred or “combated” the front line. From Jiangxi to Jiangsu, from time to time, such reports can be heard from time to time. . However, Leye Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. produced an impressive report card in 7 months in 2012. The output value reached 370 million yuan, which exceeded the level of the same period (2011 production value totaled 540 million yuan) and exceeded 2010. Annual production value (302 million yuan).

On July 12, 2013, under the condition of a depressed domestic photovoltaic industry, "Leye Photovoltaic" achieved an output value of 660 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%.

At present, the European and American markets account for 80% of the sales of Leye PV market. To improve services, Leye Solar has set up two offices in Europe. Its main function is after-sales service. At present, the products involved in Leye Photovoltaics have been extended from solar cells to downstream components and then to solar power plants. "This industry has to do addition. Finished products will be a trend." Ye Zhiqing said.

"The price is not the lowest, only lower, so the price war this road does not work." Ye Zhiqing said that Leye Photovoltaic only locks in two major issues of quality and service. At present, the most important indicator for measuring solar cell photovoltaic conversion industry average level is 16% - 16.5%, while Leye photovoltaic maximum efficiency can reach 17.32%, this efficiency is one of the best in Zhejiang counterparts.

Ye Zhiqing told reporters that companies with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan need only 130 people. "In addition to opening gold mines, our solar cell industry should be the highest per capita output value."

Ye Ching-ching has always believed firmly that "I can do well if people can do it." In the next two years, Leye Photovoltaic plans to continue to increase investment in technological transformation and increase production capacity appropriately.

"Leye photovoltaic does not have to be made into the top 500, but to do 500 years, you don't have to do too much, but you must do it with strength. This is my dream!"

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