Where is the innovation space for LED stage applications?

In the past 10 years, the application of LED in the performing arts space or on the stage has become more and more frequent, and even listed as the preferred means. From the opening and closing ceremonies of China's Olympic Games a few years ago to the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics, it can be said that in the application and creation of LEDs, the application is quite extreme, and it is dynamic, magical and spectacular. Demonstrate charm!

Watching the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Stage of the past three sessions, the application of LEDs has progressed more than once, gradually adding more highlights. The image of this horse is used as the "main theme" of the stage picture, and the lanterns are colored, which further embodies the era and spirit of "Wan Ma Pentium". Taking the Spring Festival Evening stage as a sample, you can see the probability and coverage of current LED applications. It can be said that LED has played a major role in the creation of the overall stage art, almost replacing or subverting the traditional and conventional techniques. For example, on the stage of ordinary performances where civilians can enter, regardless of the performing arts centers that have begun to have modern facilities, or the simple and traditional comprehensive performance venues, the LED application rate also accounts for a considerable proportion.

The creation phenomenon of LED in the performing arts space has embarked on a normal development state. Although LED is only a technical means in artistic creation, it is rich in its own strengths, advantages and vitality, serving the stage production, adding a new path to art creation, and it is a road of hope for artistic innovation. The development of things will always go through a certain process, and it will also show its own weaknesses or weaknesses. It needs to be tempered and experienced. It needs to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses in order to reveal its own value advantage and the best state of life. Of course, there have been some problems in the process of applying LEDs to stage art.

First of all, the current LED application is relatively simple. The general operating state is the starting stage, which only plays the lighting function, and does not really enter the level of artistic creation. The stage is a comprehensive art, LED plays the role of art, and the ultimate goal is to complete the creation of art, not just as a technical tool. Similar to acting as a "picture match", the collage of erbium is a relatively passive work. At present, there are relatively superficial and graphical applications, and the process is relatively rough, giving the impression that “there is not enough drama, the scenery is coming together; the scenery is not enough, and the LEDs are to make up”.

Second, the application of LEDs is not rational enough. Its appearance on the performing arts space platform, like a "black horse", can be said that preparation is not sufficient. For example, the previous two CCTV Spring Festival Evenings appeared to be stacked and rich, but instead showed the invisible, agile or static visibility of the video screen. Art creation requires passion, individuality, fulfillment, and implementation requires rational response. Stage art creation can't just stay on paper, it is a very material creation. The "rationality" here should also include the rationality of funding. The success of any artistic creation is not always proportional to input. The rationality of art is also the expression of self-confidence and maturity.

Third, the stage art of each category has formed its own artistic rules and expression language. They all have their own audience, a custom-made relationship, and a standard for viewing value. For example, in our opera stage, especially in the traditional opera stage, its aesthetic principles, I think that we can't rashly “subvert” and “innovate” as we please. Reminiscent of contemporary stage technology, whether it can be applied to the stage, must be treated with caution, and must respect the mature aesthetic principles of the traditional stage. LED is not a panacea, can it be accepted by the stage, absorbed, and sincerely recognized, the important point is to see whether it can be unified with the language on the stage, and whether the aesthetic principles are consistent.

Fourth, the important feature of stage art's unique charm is its holistic and comprehensive bloom. It encompasses all aspects of creation, material factors, and more human factors, including the full input and participation of the creative artists. LED is a technical means that needs to be further developed and applied. It requires the renewal of the artist's creative ideas and the understanding of the new stage technology that is overwhelming. Taking stage space as an example, the stage of dance drama, song and dance, LED application has obvious advantages, but in the drama stage, especially the traditional opera, it is another matter. Judging from the current creative achievements, it often gives people a feeling of inconsistency. In other words, encountering the collision of the above aesthetic concepts, the gap between artistic language. Here, it is also necessary to "tune" the application to enable the stage technology, including the application of LEDs, to be more in place, more effective, and more artistic, so that they truly become a part of art creation.

In short, the cooperation between stage art creation and LED application is even a "marriage", and the space for exploration is very large, and the development prospects are also very bright. The former borrows the power of science and technology to create and innovate; the latter contributes to the stage art, constantly adding icing on the cake and opening a new page. They each promote their own advantages, and in the development of the lips and teeth, will further create a higher platform for space art!

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