Wearable Market Forecast Report: US users no longer desire to own smart watches

According to eMarketer's latest forecast report, the US market smart watches have not reached consumer expectations. In the forecast report released last year, optimistic about the wearable market, market consumption will increase by 60%, and only 24.7% of this year's market expectations. This does not mean that consumers completely abandon wearable devices, and fitness tracking devices will continue to grow while smart watches continue to decline.

Smart watches and health tracking devices often overlap in terms of functionality, so many tracking devices can provide certain types of notifications after pairing with smartphones, while smart watches also have fitness tracking capabilities, but allow users to read notifications and receive calls. /Reject calls, send voice commands, and more.

After a period of enthusiasm, many consumers realize that smart watches do not have much special use, many functions can completely control the smart phone, and the technical immature makes the user feel the chicken. For many users, monitoring heart rate and number of steps is the only desired function.

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