Developing New Technologies in Europe will Add 7 4K TV Channels

Relatively speaking, 4K ultra high definition video has better definition and has become a rookie after 1080P full HD. However, the problem that everyone needs to face now is that 4K TV cannot avoid the problem of insufficient film resources. Recently, the foreign FashionOne channel reported that in recent years, Europe will increase seven ultra-high definition television channels to meet the viewing needs of users.

According to the FashionOne channel, which is based in New York, the well-known satellite TV operator SES has provided technical support for satellite TV, allowing 4K ultra-high-definition television programs to be transmitted via satellites, which ensures both transmission speed and TV signals. Can have enough coverage. In terms of specific program content, including the famous French television station Cannal+ channel, this channel is four French television, belonging to the state-level television station agencies. In Germany, PrealTV Ultra HD channels will be provided. This is Germany's well-known TV shopping channel. It is believed that German TV viewers can better see the details of the products displayed.

In addition, satellite TV operator SES and European satellite company Eutelasat will each provide a 4K ultra-high-definition TV channel, and other operators such as Sky Germany and Germany Hessischer Rundfunk will also launch 4K ultra-high-definition television channels, but what will be broadcast? The content of 4K ultra-high-definition programs is still unknown. In addition, the Scandinavian region will also be on the MIPCOM channel during the 2015 Cannes International Fall TV Festival in 2015, which is October 5th, 2015. It will introduce the relevant content of the TV Festival. It will also be a 4K ultra HD resolution. .

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