Wireless smart home three-storey villa standard matching program

It is said that smart homes are very hot, but many of the products that are currently on the market are smart home items, so it is more appropriate to say that smart hardware products are very hot. Smart homes are “conceptualized and difficult to land” and become a label. The whole set of smart home solutions is rare. However, it is not uncommon. Here, Xiaobian will bring you benefits, smart home three-storey villa matching program.

First floor supporting plan:


· [Wireless automatic shutter door]

When the car returns, the automatic shutter door automatically opens and the car automatically closes when it enters the garage.

· [Wireless parking position sensor]

Inductive car enters the garage, automatically interlocks other equipment, starts lighting, activates the door opener, closes the rolling door

· [Smart Touch Two Button Switch]

Three-way control garage lighting

· [Automatic door opener]

When the car is parked in the parking space, the automatic door opener automatically opens the garage access door

2. The gate

· [Smart Wireless Fingerprint Lock]

Fingerprint unlocking

Password input unlock

Remote phone unlock

Unlocking linkage scene

· [Solar Wireless Infrared Electronic Fence]

Detecting illegal intruders, when an illegal intruder is discovered, an instant alarm

· [Smart Inserted Door Magnet]

The protective door promptly alarms when there is an illegal invasion

· [Wireless Cloud Camera]

Real-time network monitoring of outdoor conditions, control of outdoor conditions at any time

Remote network viewing of incidents

· [Wireless Smart Doorbell]

When a visitor visits a mobile terminal, they can immediately receive the visit information.

3. Entering the home garden

· [Smart Touch Three Button Switch]

Three-way control home garden lighting

· [Touch four-button scene switch]

Going out during the day during the day

Going home at night in the evening

Four scene modes

· [iPad wall base]

Can be placed on the iPad for family control

Powering the iPad

· 【Audible alarm】

Immediate alarm sound and red warning light when an emergency occurs

I found that illegal intruders have a deterrent effect

· [Electric soft curtain]

With linkage control, the lifting range can be controlled freely, and it can effectively resist dust, moisture, splashes or fingerprints in the air, and has excellent dirt resistance.

4. Entrance

· [Infrared Intrusion Detector]

Play a secondary probe to detect illegal intruders

When an alarm occurs twice, it is determined that an illegal invasion has occurred.

· [Wireless Cloud Camera]

Real-time network monitoring of indoor conditions, control of indoor conditions at any time

Remote network viewing of incidents

· [Electric soft curtain]

With linkage control, the lifting range can be controlled freely, and it can effectively resist dust, moisture, splashes or fingerprints in the air, and has excellent dirt resistance.

· [Wireless Gateway]

Smart home control terminal

Remotely send commands to manipulate the device through the wireless gateway

· [Touch three-button scene switch]

Meeting mode

Entertainment mode

Rest mode

5. Living room

· [Smart Touch Three Button Switch]

Three-way control living room ceiling front and rear lighting

· [Smart Touch Three Button Switch]

Three-way control living room ceiling lighting

· [Smart Touch Dimmer Switch]

Adjust the brightness of the living room to create an atmosphere

Linking scenes to create a personalized scene mode

· [Wireless Music Box]

According to personal settings, set different scenes to play different music, add an atmosphere of festivals, parties or dinners.

· [Central Air Conditioning Controller]

Control air conditioning temperature, linkage control, setting scene on or off

Remotely control the air conditioner, check the operation status of the air conditioner in real time, and turn on the air conditioner in advance.

· [360° infrared transponder]

Control of household appliances with infrared reception

Control the TV or set-top box, replace the traditional remote control, remote / linkage to turn on the TV

Control home cleaning robot, remote control cleaning robot to clean home hygiene

· [Smart Wall Socket]

The smart socket operates on the equipment in the living room that needs to be powered off after power is turned off.

· [Smart Wall Socket]

Manage TV and home audio power

· [temperature and humidity detector]

Real-time monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity, synchronization of mobile terminal data, real-time viewing

Automatically turn on the cooling device according to the indoor temperature and humidity, and coordinate other equipments at the same time to maintain the indoor environment comfort.

· [Air Quality Detector]

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, when indoor air quality is poor, linkage with other equipment to start optimizing air equipment, so that family members have a healthy environment

· [PM2.5 monitor]

Real-time monitoring of indoor PM2.5 values. When the indoor PM2.5 concentration exceeds the preset value, the other equipments are activated to optimize the air equipment, so that the family has a healthy environment.

· [Glass Breaking Detector]

Protective door and window glass, alarm immediately after illegal crushing, parallel alarming other alarm devices to send alarm signal

· [Lighting Monitor]

Detect the light intensity of indoor and outdoor, when the light is too strong, automatically adjust the electric curtain to adjust the appropriate opening degree.

When the indoor light is too dark, when it is lower than the preset value, the preset lighting system in the room is automatically linked to turn on the lighting.

· [Wireless electric curtain motor]

Opening and closing control of the living room curtains, linkage mode, degree of opening and closing

Elegant operation, hand start, blackout, silent design

Reset Lockout

Prevents reset if GFCI is damaged or failed to provide ground fault protection
Complies with NEC ® requirement, by blocking access to the contacts unless the plug is fully inserted
Only 1.22" Protrusion into Wallbox
Takes up to 20% less space in the wallbox vs. other GFCIs for easier installation
Multi-functional Status Indicator Light
Red and Green LED indications provide simple, intuitive feedback on power, voltage and protection status 
Terminals Withstand 

Tolerate high-torque;power tool installation;and prevents wire pullout

Tamper-Resistant Shutter mechanism


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