High prices hinder the civilization of LED lighting

More than 2,600 Chinese and foreign companies gathered in Guangzhou to measure how hot the LED lighting market is currently. The 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the world's largest lighting exhibition known as the lighting industry's weathervane, was on this screened screen. The reporter learned from an interview in a four-day exhibition that the Nuggets' civilian lighting market has become the focus of exhibitors' attention. However, The current high price is a major obstacle to the development of LED lighting civilian market, in addition to the chip to achieve localization, electronic materials failed to get rid of import dependence, but also a major hidden danger.

The Chinese and foreign giants stepped up their efforts in arranging the civilian market. Last year, China issued a plan to phase out incandescent lamps and decided to prohibit the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 100 watts and above from October 1 this year. By October 1, 2016, sales are prohibited. And import incandescent lamps with 15 W or more for general lighting. Dr. Pan Wenbo, founder of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, said that this means that incandescent lamps will gradually withdraw from the historical stage from this year. The LED lighting curtain will open, and the market scale formed by replacing only the existing incandescent lamps will reach hundreds of billions. yuan.

Xin Express reporter found during the tour yesterday, although this year's Philips, Osram and other international lighting giant LED products are still mainly commercial lighting, but a number of exhibitors said LED lighting into the civilian market is the general trend, but also the future of LED lighting is the largest One of the markets.

Kang Xiang, assistant to general manager of Shenzhen Kyushu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., told the Express reporter that in order to grab the “head soup” of the LED lighting civil market, the company specifically formed a new operation and R&D team to operate civilian lighting projects, which is expected to be aimed at the civilian market. The end product will be launched within 2 months.

Compared with Chinese companies, the international giants are also eager to test the Chinese civil market. Wang Jian, general manager of GE Lighting's LED products in the Asia-Pacific region, said that GE Lighting will promote civilian products in a global rhythm and that consumer LED lighting must save money for consumers. According to him, following the official operation of the Chengdu Innovation Center two weeks ago, the Xi'an Innovation Center will also be established in July. This innovation center is mainly designed and sold for energy-saving lighting products such as LED.

In addition, Matsushita Electric light source business plan Weng Yipeng also revealed that early this year, Panasonic has begun to sell LED lamps in the Chinese market. In August and September this year, Panasonic will also enter China's LED light source market. Its LED light source factory in Hangzhou will expand its production capacity. At present, LED light sources produced by Panasonic in China account for more than half of its global production capacity.

Importing raw materials to keep costs high is no less than the level of LED prices, which is the most direct factor affecting people’s purchases. According to industry insiders, high LED chip prices have led to high prices for LED lamps, which are several times or even tens of times more expensive than ordinary lamps and are difficult for ordinary people to accept. The core technology that restricts the price of lamps and lanterns has been in the hands of high-end foreign companies. Domestic companies that do not have pricing power cannot determine the price trend.

However, at the LED lighting materials seminar held yesterday, Fang Liangyuan, general manager of Chuangxing Fine Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. reminded that most of the other LED lighting materials such as light diffusion materials and solid-state capacitors are more expensive than expensive chips. Need to import from abroad, is to raise the cost of LED lighting "invisible barrier."

Fang Liangyuan stated that taking chip packaging as an example, LED lighting material procurement accounts for 20%-30% of packaging cost. At present, the gap between LED lighting material research and development technology and domestic advanced level is even greater, and domestic companies lack the pricing power. If LED lighting materials can also be localized as soon as possible, reducing the procurement costs of raw materials at all stages will effectively reduce the terminal price of LED lighting.

The reporter noticed that in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” (Draft for Soliciting Opinions) of “Development of Semiconductor Lighting Technology” issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology on May 7, in addition to the specific proposal that more than 80% of chips be domesticated by 2015, The specific requirements for large-scale MOCVD equipment and key raw materials to realize localization and LED product cost reduction to one-fifth of 2011 were proposed.

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