LED candle light Dragon Boat Festival hits Jiuwu lighting heavy attack

Whether in the economics or manufacturing sectors, green environmental protection has formed a movement in China, and green has gradually sublimated into a new historical form. Under the background of the government's promotion of green energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps have gradually become the first choice for urban households to replace incandescent lamps. The recent expert opinion in the market is: "LED lights are more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly and have a longer service life than energy-saving lamps. It is expected to completely replace the market position of energy-saving lamps within two years." LED energy-saving products have been on the market for many years, but have been used in outdoor and public buildings. However, at the recent major international lighting exhibitions, LEDs have taken a big step toward the development of civilian use. From the current trend, LED lamps will become the mainstream in lighting products.
This reporter specially visited Zhongshan Jiuwu Lighting Co., Ltd., a high-end quality LED manufacturer located in the ancient town of Zhongshan, China, which is favored by distributors all over the country. It is understood that this company is specialized in development, development, production and outdoor landscape lighting business. The company now has a research and development team of up to 30 people and a high-quality workforce with advanced production equipment, strong technical force, and in the global scope with Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other partners to achieve strong alliance, become an outdoor shaped lights Advocate.
This Dragon Boat Festival special hurricane, an LED candle light debuted by Jiuwu Lighting was favored by buyers everywhere. This is not an ordinary candle, but an LED candle light. It vividly simulates the real flame, can bring the romantic rhythm of real candlelight, there is no hidden danger of open fire, and there is no disturbing black smoke to destroy the atmosphere.
According to the leak: This LED candle light is imported from Taiwan. It uses LUMENMAX3014 chip, which is the most advanced LED chip technology in the world. It breaks the lighting problem of traditional LED cold light source. This product is self-developed 360° light. Technology, this most innovative LED lighting product, has become the representative of fashion innovation trend, the patent number is .9 On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, it is now opening up the factory discount to the national agents, giving back to the new and old agents - LED Candle light bulbs buy ten get one free, and the distribution activities carried out are now crowded with people. This creative low-carbon LED candle light, like a magnet, has attracted many buyers and the response is unprecedented.
The person in charge of Zhongshan Jiuwu Lighting Co., Ltd. revealed that adding a small LED light to the candle has brought great business opportunities to the company. Although the production cost of this kind of candle lamp is 20% higher than that of ordinary candle, it is safer and more environmentally friendly. The continuous lighting time of an LED lamp is very long, at least it can last for one week, which is the ignition time of ordinary candle. Times -30 times. These added value invisibly increase the value of the product, and the resulting profit is 20% higher than ordinary candles.
The best-selling LED candle light wins creativity and low carbon. According to our calculations, it can reduce carbon emissions by 60% compared to an ordinary candle. The additional function of a small candle light can be more diversified, and enterprises can have more advantages in the market competition.


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