NVC acknowledges that Wu Changjiang’s “generational” employees and operators continue to exert pressure

After Schneider’s words “exit management”, the outside world thought that NVC’s “infighting” would be suspended, but things did not seem so smooth. A few days ago, it was reported that employees who exerted strong pressure on Schneider had a "interested interest" with Wu Changjiang. More than 300 internal employees were known to have purchased NVC Lighting's IPO shares in Hong Kong through Wu Changjiang's stock account. NVC Lighting confirmed the existence of the above situation to reporters, and Wu Changjiang also promised to refund the relevant funds.

Wu Changjiang promised to refund the money

According to the news on July 22, a total of 312 internal employees invested 45.55 million yuan directly into the Wu Changjiang stock account to purchase NVC Lighting's IPO shares in Hong Kong. After Wu Changjiang’s sudden resignation, NVC’s share price has fallen to HK$1.41, far falling from the issue price of HK$2.1.

Some former staff of NVC said that he took out 100,000 yuan to buy the company's stock. In the trust of Wu Changjiang, the two sides did not sign any agreement and directly sent the money to the account of a branch of Wuchangjiang Construction Bank Huizhou. It is understood that after the remittance, the company issued a list of employees to buy stocks, Wu Changjiang signed the list as a certificate.

NVC Lighting acknowledged the above situation in a response to the reporter. An executive at the NVC Operations Center pointed out that the placement was approved by the board of directors, with a quota of tens of millions of shares, and set a standard: ordinary employees, ministers, and directors were 100,000, 500,000 and 1 million yuan respectively. Purchase right.

The executive pointed out that when buying stocks, it was divided into three batches. The first and second batches of purchases have all been withdrawn, and dozens of the third batch have not withdrawn. The people who did not withdraw were mainly because they were optimistic about the development prospects of NVC lighting. For the third batch of people who have not yet withdrawn, Mr. Wu Changjiang promised to refund the relevant funds to everyone.

The act of holding is not publicly disclosed

As for why he chose to enter Wu Changjiang’s account at the time, NVC’s response pointed out that it was because the Hong Kong stock was purchased at that time and it was necessary to issue a Hong Kong account before it could be purchased. Therefore, at the time, NVC Lighting's finance department opened an account in the name of Mr. Wu Changjiang, allowing employees and dealers to make payments to this account, to purchase stocks, and to hold stocks through several operations centers.

According to the reporter's inspection of the relevant information of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Wu Changjiang increased the holdings of 3.67 million shares, 4.05 million shares, 1.97 million shares and 1.219 million shares on June 13, 14, 15 and 18, respectively, for four days. Wu Changjiang increased the holding of NVC's 10.9 million shares, and the shareholding climbed from 19.19% to 19.53%.

Lawyer Xiao Hongbo of Hunan Haitian Law Firm pointed out that this kind of binding relationship between employees and Wu Changjiang is strictly a relationship of “holding shares”. If Hong Kong joint stocks require major shareholders to disclose such shareholding relationship If Wu Changjiang did not disclose it, the act of holding it was suspected of violating the rules. "But it is only a flaw in information disclosure, at most, it is only condemnation or fine, and does not touch the criminal law," Xiao Hongbo said. After the reporter reviewed the NVC lighting IPO announcement, it did not find that NVC disclosed the matter.

In addition, some market participants told reporters that listed companies must be announced after the board of directors approved the decision, otherwise there will be a possibility of violation of the letter. Moreover, if there is no legal document and public disclosure and notarization for such acts of holding shares, there will be huge risks.

Employees and operators continue to exert pressure

At a time when the incident was confusing, employees and operators chose to continue to pressure to find a way out. In a letter sent by the operator to the chairman of the company, the operator said that in the past week, the dealers of NVC nationwide lost nearly 15 million yuan in sales every day.

In another letter to the headquarters of Schneider Electric, signed by NVC Lighting, employees claimed that "Schneider Electric's acquisition of NVC Lighting in China has failed and comprehensively. "Crash", and identified Zhu Hai, CEO of Schneider Electric China, and other factors such as investment missteps and improper management, accused Zhu Hai of "low personal ability, hypocrisy, deception and stupidity." As of press time, the comments of operators and employees have not received the response from the other party.

When Schneider has already dropped out of management and supported Wu Changjiang’s return, it was reported that NVC’s internal employees purchased the stock of NVC’s IPO in Hong Kong through Wu Changjiang’s stock account. Schneider is still making final efforts, hoping to regain a city for himself. Wu Changjiang’s return is no suspense, but the three executives with Schneider’s background are the current NVC CEO Zhang Kaipeng, the vice president Li Rui and the overseas business general manager Li Xinyu. There are still variables when you leave and a few people leave. At present, Schneider has remained silent and has not made any new statements.

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