The application of C-BUS control system in the lighting of Xiantao Stadium

I. Project Overview

Xiantao Stadium is a new venue built. The main hall is a comprehensive official competition venue with a grandstand that can accommodate more than 4,500 spectators. The roof of the venue is 70 x 70 meters; the maximum competition area is 45 meters long and 30 meters wide: when the activity stands are extended, the competition area is 35 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Hubei Xiantao is the “hometown of Chinese gymnastics”, where national gymnastics competitions will be held; basketball, volleyball, indoor track and field, indoor football, handball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, boxing, martial arts, judo, weightlifting will also be held. Wait for non-relay games. In addition to the competition, this complex can also be used for a variety of purposes.

Second, the illumination standard

According to the requirements of national standards and bidding documents, the design requirements for venue illumination standards are as follows:

(1) Main venue sports venue

Horizontal illumination (ground floor) 1500 Lux

Gymnastics vertical illumination (main camera direction): 1000 Lux

Vertical basketball illumination (main camera direction): 700 Lux

Horizontal illumination uniformity: U1=Emin/Emax>0.5


Vertical illumination uniformity: U1=Emin/Emax>0.3


Light source color temperature: 5000K>Tk>3000K

Color rendering index: Ra>65

(4) Accident emergency lighting

In order to ensure that the mains stadium sports venue does not interrupt the game and television broadcast, emergency lighting is set up at the main stadium sports venue. The emergency lighting power supply for accidents is supplied by EPS backup power supply or standby generator set. The switching time between mains and accident power supply is no more than 30 seconds. When the mains power fails, there will be several iodine-tungsten lamps powered by the generators at the main venue sports venue to ensure a certain illumination. When the generator is powered, the illumination of the main stadium sports venue is >100Lux, and the illumination of the auditorium is >100Lux.

Third, the choice of lighting methods

There are three common ways to use the stadium lighting:

Evenly distributed light on the top;

Both sides of the lamp with light projection lighting;

The combination of uniform lighting and light-emitting illumination.

When the venue is large, the projection distance is long, and the light strip method is advantageous, and the vertical illumination of the light strip projection mode is high. The lighting mode of the design is four light strips, and the arrangement position of the horse track is shown in the drawing.

At the same time as the lighting venue, we installed 400W floodlights on the road to illuminate the auditorium and also to illuminate the white ceiling. This has several effects:

1. The illuminance of the audience is strengthened, which makes the broadcast effect better and the audience's vision is good;

2, the white ceiling is illuminated, eliminating the "black hole effect" of the ceiling, reducing the glare of the audience and athletes;

3. The illuminated ceiling plays the role of “flooding illumination”, and people can see the lighting effects in the venue from a distance.

Fourth, the choice of lamps and light sources

Venue lighting

Adopting GE's POWRSPOT type luminaire, this luminaire is suitable for the application of large stadiums. The characteristics of the luminaire are as follows:

1. Obtained UL certification in the United States, in line with wetland applications;

2. Protection level IP55;

3, high reflectivity aluminum reflector, 20-inch aluminum sub-reflector, high efficiency;

4. Built-in anti-glare overflow control device;

5, front door type light bulb device, with anti-corrosion fixing parts;

6, equipped with HYDRO GARD advanced filtration system;

7, the weight of the lamps, lamps and ballasts total 25kg;

8, with a sight on the lamp, easy to install during the day.

9, light source characteristics

Light source model: MVR1000/U

Light source power: 1000W

Color rendering index: Ra>65

Color temperature: 4000K

Initial light: 105000lm

Maintain the light: 85000lm

Rated average life: 12,000 hours

Power supply voltage: 220V/50HZ

Line current: 5.2A

Starting current: 4.4A

Total input power: 1090W

Power factor: >0.9

Allow voltage fluctuations: +10%

For the auditorium and roof lighting, use GE EF40 400M SM lamps

Lamp characteristics

1. It has UL and CE certification, and it is applicable to wet places in accordance with 1572;

2, the lamp with a gasket, protection grade: IP65;

3. The lamp housing is GE LEXON engineering plastic, which is resistant to impact and aging;

4, metal components for anti-corrosion treatment;

5. The lamp has a dial for easy installation and maintenance.

Light source characteristics

Model: KRC400/E40

Source initial light: 32000lm

Rated average life: 14,000 hours

Color temperature: 4200K

Color rendering index: Ra>85

Emergency lighting, use GE's QF-1500 lamps

Lamp characteristics

1. Suitable for wet areas, standard configuration is IP55

2, high pressure die-cast aluminum housing, aluminum reflector with glass coating

3, tempered flat glass

4, dark brown and white optional

5, hinged front door, fixed by two anti-corrosion screws

6, the light source uses tungsten halogen lamp, can start immediately

Light source characteristics

Model: K4/Q1500/T3/CL

Light source initial light: 34000lm

Rated average life: 2000 hours

Color rendering index: Ra=100

Five, illuminance calculation

According to the bidding requirements, the main venue will control the lighting control according to the following array. The calculation results are as follows:

1, handball, gymnastics competition venue

Mode lamp model number of lights, design illumination, illumination, U2min/ave U1min/max

Broadcast POWRSPOT 80 (horizontal) 1500 (vertical) 1000 2467.3LUX1126.7LUX 0.730.58 0.590.43

Competition POWRSPOT 32 (horizontal) 750 886.2LUX 0.68 0.51

Training POWRSPOT 12 (horizontal) 300 387.8LUX 0.59 0.42

2, basketball court

Mode lamp model number of lights, design illumination, illumination, U2min/ave U1min/max

Broadcast POWRSPOT 40 (horizontal) 1500 (vertical) 700 1618.05LUX788.05LUX 0.660.56 0.560.45

Competition POWRSPOT 20 (horizontal) 750 766.06LUX 0.7 0.6

Training POWRSPOT 8 (horizontal) 300 310.68LUX 0.62 0.48

3. Auditorium lighting

Mode lamp model number of lights, design illumination, illuminance

Broadcast EUROFLOOD 36 (horizontal) 250 (vertical) 250 374.6LUX297.8LUX

4, emergency lighting

Lamp model light source power turn on number design illumination 50Lux calculation illumination

QF-1500 1.5KW tungsten halogen lamp 16 in the stadium (horizontal) 100 auditorium (horizontal) 100 108.5LUX103.4LUX

Six, glare calculation

It is required that the site lighting can not produce disappointing glare for athletes, staff and audience. The glare index is determined according to the GR value recommended by CIE. Generally, the GR value below 50 is acceptable. The calculation formula is:


Lvi - the brightness of the light curtain produced by the luminaire

Lve - brightness of the light curtain produced by the environment

Glare calculation for each lighting mode of Xiantao Stadium

Evaluation of GR value of coordinate observer glare index of model observer

X(m) Y(m) Z(m)

In the whole game, the front stand of the audience is 00 -25-10 51.5 28.7127.50.

Basketball game front stand audience inside the stadium 00 -25-10 51.5 23.4325.09 in line with the standard

Note: 1. The glare calculation selection direction is the maximum glare direction at this point, and the glare in other directions is lower than this calculated value;

The points of attention are the central locations of the museums;

The ground diffuse reflection coefficient is calculated according to 0.4;

Seven, the light map.

Eight, the list of lamps

Use luminaire model source power quantity

Venue Lighting POWRSPOT Medium Light Distribution (4) 1000W 16

POWRSPOT wide light distribution (5) 1000W 64

Auditorium, roof EF40 Symmetrical light distribution 400W 36

Emergency QF1500 1500W 16

Nine, power supply system and automatic control

1. Equipment and power supply

80 sets of 1000W lamps at home; 36 sets of 400W lamps; 16 sets of emergency lamps.

2. Wiring circuit

(1) Main venue lighting

80 sets of 1000W lamps in sports competitions, each of which is a circuit with a total of 40 circuits (W1-W40).

(2) Auditorium lighting

There are 36 sets of 400W lamps in the auditorium. Each 5-6 sets of lamps is a circuit with a total of 7 circuits (W41-W47).

(3) Emergency lighting halogen tungsten lamp, 2-3 sets of lamps are a circuit, a total of 6 circuits (W48-W53), powered by EPS intelligent emergency power supply.

3. The power supply and distribution system supplies power to both normal and emergency lighting for two separate dual power supply mutual investment boxes.

4. The library adopts C-Bus intelligent lighting management system of Qisheng Company to realize centralized, unified and intelligent management of lighting.

1) C-Bus is mainly used for the control of lighting systems. All of the system's unit devices (except the power supply) have built-in microprocessors and memory units connected by a pair of signal lines (UTP5) into a network.

2) C-BUS products can remember the parameters set for them. Each component has a unique address code in the network for identification. Each component can be programmed individually. The settings for the lighting system are distributed and stored in the various components.

3) Each unit is set with a unique unit address and its function is set by software, and each loop load is controlled by the output unit. The input unit is associated with the output component by the group address.

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