Tsinghua Tongfang launches rhyme series LED eye protection table lamp

Tsinghua Tongfang launched the rhythm series LED eye protection table lamp, using energy-saving and high-efficiency LED as the light source, the power is only 6W, and it has good energy-saving effect. The shape is simple and generous, which can provide users with healthy and efficient lighting. The current price in Jingdong Mall is 569 yuan.

Tsinghua Tongfang Yuncai LED eye-protection table lamp adopts aluminum alloy material and ABS plastic, which combines steam mold, electric heating mold, high polishing mold and other high-precision bright mold design and manufacturing technology, and has a good appearance effect.

The LED arm of the LED eye protection table can be rotated by 120 degrees, providing different illumination angles for different users. The product uses a touch switch to adjust the brightness, and the third-grade light can be used in different environments.

The lamppost has a tiltable design and a flexible joint design that is easy to use. The LED lighting of the product has no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the lighting effect is softer, providing users with a comfortable lighting environment, suitable for users who need diversified lighting.

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