Graphene bulbs come out longer and save energy than LED bulbs

According to the latest news from the BBC, the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester has recently developed a new graphene bulb with a stronger structure and lower price than LED bulbs.

In many countries, due to the environmental protection, energy saving and long service life of LED bulbs, there are laws to ensure that LED bulbs quickly replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Just as incandescent lamps were gradually replaced by LED bulbs, this new graphene bulb is about to bring another innovation to lighting technology, and is expected to be available this year and start selling.

The new graphene bulbs are still based on LED technology, which greatly enhances their performance and longevity through the magic of graphene molecules, and is expected to be cheaper than traditional LED bulbs. The innovative technology of the graphene bulb is a dimmable bulb, the bulb has a filament-shaped LED lamp, and the outer layer of the LED lamp is coated with graphene. The graphene has strong conductivity, which can make the bulb use time longer. And reduce energy consumption by 10%.

The institute said that the project started in March this year and is working on the sale of graphene bulbs, trying to keep the graphene bulbs cheaper than traditional LED bulbs by reducing costs.

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