March high-level observation: spring blossoms and hard work

[Source: "High-tech LED" magazine March issue (total issue 63) Wen | editor of the magazine on duty Zhao Hui] Tang Dynasty poet He Zhizhang "Liu Yu" a poem "I do not know who leaves fine, February spring like scissors" (The poet here in February actually refers to the lunar calendar). When I was young, I was moved by the mood of her spring. Although it was not as good as a sudden spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms were so magnificent and colorful, but The internal depiction is even more moving.

The spring breeze sweeps away the haze and coldness of winter. Just as the recent 2014 annual performance report of LED listed companies, the brilliant performance not only confirms the industry's "first year of LED lighting", but also many industry players are encouraged.

"Spring is full of jasper, and the harvest is full of gold in the autumn." The whole sentence means: spring sowing, summer busy in the field, harvest in autumn, and grain storage in winter. Everything in the world has its own way. Although there are some pragmatic ideas, it also explains the natural laws that every industry should follow. The day is in the morning, and the year is in spring. Now that the spring blossoms, LED industry companies must work hard and make great efforts to establish a solid foundation for corporate ideals, personal ambitions or some unspeakable dreams.

Individuals have life planning, and enterprises have development strategies. If these planning strategies are regarded as a stock investment, in spring, it should be the best time to buy potential stocks and blue-chip stocks, because there are risks and high returns! In the spring, the seeds of hope are planted, and roots, germination, flowering, and fruiting will be won, and a fruitful and thriving autumn will be won, and the earth will give him a golden gift!

If you compare life to a pyramid, spring will build a solid base for it. In this season of recovery of all things, we must work hard to cultivate a vibrant field, and we can make the road of the enterprise go brilliant and brilliant...

This spring, the country's largest, the world's top ten packaging companies, Mulinsen shares listed, after several days of listing, stocks continued to limit, the market value quickly broke through the 20 billion mark. Generally speaking, when this achievement is well-known, it should be possible to put the knife and gun into the warehouse, and let the horses go to Nanshan to enjoy it.

In the spring, Mu Linsen was even more busy. The executives of Mulinsen were divided into several roads, and they went to Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Jilin, Hunan and other places to hold several core distributors and new product launches in succession, preaching Mulinsen in 2015. Direction and channel policy.

It is understood that Mulinsen Lighting only signed more than 30 million yuan on-site at three dealer conferences in Hubei, Jingzhou and Changzhou in Hubei in March.

Also busy is Guoxing Optoelectronics. This Spring Festival, Guoxing Optoelectronics began to focus on building a 2835 platform. The entire platform adopts the most mainstream and most versatile package form, standardizes manufacturing, and provides customers with replaceable standard optical components, while reducing system cost. Can be applied to general lighting, backlighting and more.

Also busy are high-tech LEDs.

In this era of all-media big data, Weibo, WeChat and mobile clients are constantly changing this society and all industries. In view of this, in 2015, Gaogong LED will make great efforts to build a high-tech cross-media platform, comprehensively use magazines, websites, mobile B2B, e-magazines, WeChat, news client, APP and other methods to comprehensively display LED industry dynamics and product technology development. Looking for a shortcut to the problem directly, doing some rational observations on the current LED industry scene, providing a constructive impetus to the development of the LED industry in an era of energy conservation.

In 2015, the years will be a new round of rings for us.

This is the end of history and the starting point for dreams and seeking. The hard-won experience and accumulation make us able to do some rational clarification and trade-offs calmly. Do not seek the broadness of nothingness, only seek useful depth.

At the same time, on the cross-media platform, we will soon bring you more surprises. While launching new digital products and expanding the experience on different platforms, we will further embrace this era full of new ideas and possibilities. High quality content and a diverse platform to work with everyone.

Thank you for holding this "High-tech LED" in your hands. Thank you for exploring and sticking with us for many years. Thanks to the envy and expectation given by this colorful era, we urge us to go all the way and step into the dream. Realistic journey.

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