How to choose a suitable sensor

Each type of sensor has its own unique place. The linear displacement sensor is an innovative technology of the potentiometer principle. This measurement method has considerable advantages. The displacement sensor integrates the signal transmitter and receiver coil systems and is printed precisely on the circuit board in the form of printed coils. The transmitting signal coil is activated by a high-frequency AC magnetic field and is induced with the resonator to generate a sensing circuit.

The basic design and specification of a linear displacement sensor are displacements. The working principle of the linear displacement sensor is closely related to the measuring range. Therefore, engineers must ensure that the products they design can be used normally when the working range reaches the limit.

In general, the more commonly used linear displacement sensor models are STC, STF, and other such as SKR, STM, etc. use a smaller range. Linear displacement sensors are selected based on the size of the measurement range and the requirements for accuracy. Can not be connected to the wrong three lines when wiring, 1 #, 3 # is the power line, 2 # is the output line in addition to 1 #, 3 # power line can be exchanged, 2 # line can only be the output line. If the above line is connected wrongly, there will be a large linear error, poor control accuracy, and easy to show the phenomenon of jitter. If it is very difficult to control, you should suspect that the wrong line.

When installing such a linear position sensor, care should be taken to select a suitable mounting point and avoid the blanking port; note the shielding and grounding of the signal line to prevent interference. Nowadays, the new product is a fully sealed integrated mounting structure with an automatic electrical grounding function. The surface of the housing is anodized and protected against corrosion. The built-in conductive plastic measuring unit allows the user to complete the calibration at one time in a state of empty space, with complete functions, reliable performance, and control. Timely, intuitive display.

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