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A special handicraft crafted by the Chinese Han nationality. It not only has a refined appearance, but also symbolizes the history and culture of the Chinese Han people. It is also an interior decoration accessory, and it conforms to Chinese traditional customs and aesthetic concepts, so it is a Chinese knot.
The Chinese knot is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in various colors. It is also an mascot. It expresses warm and rich blessings, is a good work of praise and heartfelt prayers and wishes. It also shows that love and wisdom are a cultural aspect of Chinese ancient cultural civilization. Outdoor LED Chinese knot lights can not only illuminate the darkness of the entire city, but also make the original dark night become more upgraded and energetic, making the city more colorful. Especially the outdoor landscape lights like LED Chinese knot lights are more artistic than ordinary street lights.
Since the major cities have used the outdoor landscape lights of LED Chinese knot lights, the whole city has added color. Its main function is to illuminate vehicles and pedestrians. Its form types are relatively fixed, and it has become an indispensable landscape lighting equipment for modern cities. . Because it is used outdoors, it will inevitably be subject to wind and rain. Therefore, for LED Chinese knot lights, it is necessary to ensure the high temperature and low temperature characteristics of the lamps. Low-power lighting fixtures can be used, and lamps of different color lights can present many Different lighting effects. Not only can it be used as a luminaire, LED Chinese knot light can also be used as a decoration, and it is small and has many materials. Therefore, it should be used with considerable care in both material selection and production, so that LED Chinese knot light can develop better.
LED Chinese knot
Where is the Chinese knot?
Chinese knots are auspicious. However, from the perspective of feng shui, the Chinese knot is suspended in the home, the living room can be hung on the front wall, the corridor can also be hung, and the bedroom is generally hung above the bed, which is mainly beautiful and practical, and the study can also be hung in Chinese. But the kitchen. It is generally not advisable to hang the Chinese knot in the bathroom or storage room.
The Chinese knot that has passed the light is also the knot of the gods. This kind of knot is a mascot of the gods. From the effect of the town house, you can hang the money god to protect the five knots of the Chinese knot. This symbolizes the five blessings of the door, the home and everything, and good fortune at four o'clock, and can achieve the effect of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding disasters.
The LED Chinese knot is a device that uses LED lights to make China shine. The current LED Chinese knot is a relatively translucent device, and the LED lighting used inside can play an ornamental effect. Therefore, LED Chinese knots can be loved and appreciated by people all over the country. The appreciation of the LED Chinese knot has also been fully reflected.
The LED lamp used in the middle of the LED Chinese knot is a very energy-saving device. It is less than one-fourth of the energy consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps, and the service life of LEDs can reach 100,000 hours. Combining this device with the Chinese knot to make the LED Chinese knot, not only can play a certain viewing effect, but also consumes very little energy in the whole process, can effectively save energy and use electric energy, and has a very long service life, even LED Chinese knot. After installation, it can work continuously for one year without replacement. Absolute energy saving and environmental protection is one of the biggest features of LED Chinese knot.
Chinese knots are not only a cultural symbol but also a decorative culture. If you want to create greater advantages in the shortest time in many cultures, you will find that choosing the decorative type products is the most critical. At this moment, if you are decorating the family or decorating some important venues, you need to use the Chinese knot to embellish. However, the traditional Chinese knot is too simple and it is not very advantageous. At this time, we should use some LED type products, so that we will dress you up. It is the crowning touch, and many of these places are already in use, and everyone has been fully recognized for their overall evaluation.
For urban landscape design, how to achieve scale development while minimizing the cost of investment is the goal that every planner pursues constantly, but even if it is only one street, it will cost a lot. Materials, and most of the city streets are mainly lighting, power consumption is also one of the issues we need to consider, but with the led Chinese knot, this problem is solved, it is a mature technology has been a comprehensive promotion channel, Even some landscape belts and park squares will add this equipment to create an atmosphere.
Why are so many cities optimistic about the landscaping of led Chinese knots? First of all, we all know the special meaning of Chinese knots. Although it is simply a compilation of ornaments, through the development of home decoration and streetscape design in the past few years, the Chinese knot has represented the latest symbol of good luck and good fortune, as long as it is in festive festivals. At the same time as the lanterns are tied, after hanging a row of Chinese knots, the scene that symbolizes the beautiful blessings often gives people a good vision, indicating that the wishes and prayers can be realized in the new year.
On the basis of the original weaving in the Chinese knot, the effect of the scientific lighting has been increased. Not only has the color and shape we have achieved in the shape, but also has a special meaning in both the meaning and the aesthetic. This auspicious pattern is especially suitable for When the Spring Festival is over, it may be because of this reason that the orders of major manufacturers are constantly increasing, and the price can also usher in good returns. Now, by the end of the year, the number of franchisees is increasing year by year.
If someone asks for more advantages of led Chinese knots, there is no doubt that the most important thing besides landscaping is energy saving. Imagine a city that wants to scale up in lighting. Simple lights can't be done, not only The bright effect can't form scale, even if it is particularly lonely on a street, so even if it is a small block, it is probably based on five or six hundred. These lighting power consumption is a worrying project, so led The energy saving has made many customers see what works. In addition, the structural design is also particularly strong, not afraid of the impact of rain and windy weather on the lamp.
Everyone is using led Chinese knot lights, then I will tell you the material and use of LED Chinese knot lights.
Features and uses:
1. The led Chinese knot lamp fixing bracket is made of stainless steel or iron rustproof bracket (welded galvanized paint spray).
2, led Chinese knot lamp shell is made of high quality imported acrylic through special treatment;
3, LED Chinese junction lights from the structure of discrete LED Chinese knot lights and free-hanging LED Chinese knot lights, LED Chinese knot lights through special treatment of LED Chinese knot products, suitable for VIP visits, festive moments, added to the city mainly On the street lamp pole of the main road, there is no need to add street lighting facilities, and it can be used permanently. It can add the most festive atmosphere of Chinese festivals to the whole city. The use of LED Chinese knot lights to decorate the road is short and convenient to install, and it can be permanent. The direct-hanging type is a special product that directly adds LED Chinese knot light to the street light pole by using the hoop method. Use this product to decorate the road without the need for foundations and poles.
In fact, in our lives, not only the roads of the city need street lights, but also the street lamps in our homes, so when we return late, the family can light the street lights in front of us and give us the way to illuminate our home. . If you want to install a street lamp in front of your home, then I would recommend you to choose the led Chinese street light, which has better quality and better lighting.
If you really like this kind of lamp and want to install it in front of your home, then you definitely want to know the price of led Chinese street lights. Perhaps you don't know, you will think that this kind of street lamp is very expensive. In fact, you don't have to worry about its price. It is definitely the item you can consume. You still have the ability to buy this street lamp. You only need to spend a few hundred dollars to buy it.
In fact, it is not expensive to spend a few hundred dollars to buy led Chinese road lights. When you buy such street lights, you can also use them in the New Year. After China has street lights, you can save the lanterns. It is also a decoration needed for the New Year, which can add a little New Year's atmosphere to your home, and you can save the money to buy lanterns. This is really a good deal, so it seems that Chinese road lights are cheaper.
When you have a led Chinese street lamp, you can not only bring convenience to you when you go home at night, but also illuminate the way home. You can also decorate your home in the New Year and add you to the New Year. atmosphere of. Therefore, you can save money on buying lanterns and save you a fee. After such calculations, it seems that it is cheaper and more cost-effective to buy Chinese road lights. If you want to install a street light, you can choose this street light. It is cheaper and has more features than other street lights.
In fact, when you actually face the LED China road lanterns, you can get the best price. You don't need to worry about any price issues. You can buy them at a cheap price. It is precisely because the effect it brings is very good, so everyone should actively use it to make this street lamp add a lot of beautiful feeling to its urban construction.
Therefore, when you have the need, we should actively face the led Chinese road lights. As long as you actively grasp this product, you can help yourself most effectively. If you are a landscape architect of a real estate, if you are interested in this kind of landscape light, you may wish to add such a lamp on both sides of the ramp. It is not only a way of dressing, but also a sincere blessing to the owners.

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