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In the past two years, China Telecom’s e-commerce platform, 114MALL, sold a total of 12 Apple’s various models of mobile phones. At the same time, sales of major commodities, including food and beverages, fresh produce, and imported foods, are mostly zero.

// Brush orders may be dead, no one will die


It is reported that Nokia's N Series trademark has passed the approval of the relevant departments, it seems that HMD has decided to re-build N series of classic product plans.

// I bought the dragon 835 and bought it


Users who frequently release Huawei's P10 series of renderings have recently disclosed many new machine information, including the Kirin 965 processor, which will improve the output of the automatic mode, but they do not have 40W fast charging technology.

// Now the so-called “users broke the news” is completely insulting intelligence IQ, that is, manufacturers squeeze their toothpaste hype.


In 2015, Intel and Micron announced a joint development of new 3D XPoint flash memory technology. The first product, the P4800X, debuted recently. In terms of transmission performance, the official data is up to 2400MB/s read speed and 2000M/s write speed. The price must not be cheaper.

// The speed of reading and writing is not the only criterion. The length of life is the king.


At 12 o'clock on February 8, Facebook "pauses all Chinese applications for tooling applications." In a notification letter sent to an advertising agency company by e-mail, Facebook said that due to the recent application of tools in China Advertisers have more violations, so Facebook decided to suspend advertiser advertisements for all Chinese applications.

// Is the advertisement of MIUI not closed?


Just this week, the robotics company Agility Robotics released a new bipedal robot called Cassie that can be used for scientific research, disaster relief, and in the future for cargo transportation.

// We don't panic when we are slow.


In July last year, Xiaomi raised a Sonic X3 electric toothbrush on the line, which was priced at 249 yuan and won praise from many users. Nowadays, the official version of the X3 Sausage is also officially listed, which claims to be more powerful and more comfortable.

// Explain your own generation of toothbrush performance is a waste?


The researchers conducted an online survey. Of the 238 people surveyed, 77% said they would take a selfie at least once a month, while 49% of the respondents said they would receive a selfie at least once a week. . In addition, 90% of respondents believe that others' selfies are a self-promotion method.

// Nobody would like to see people without ugly selfies.


The current news shows that Sony will have 4+1 new Xperia devices to meet with us at this MWC2017 exhibition, covering high, middle and low-end users.

// The biggest headline event in the digital world in 2017 is that the Sony mobile phone actually used 4G memory! ! !


The WeChat public number named “gatenotes” has just been launched. The first push content is Gates’ 30-second Chinese greeting. He introduced to WeChat fans: This is a newly opened personal blog that will record and share with him. People who have read books and learned lessons he hopes that Chinese readers can join in discussions together.

// There is one more place to beg.

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