There are grass straight to pull, HolyOOPS metal keycap to open the box

The old saying is “good for grass and pulling, not for grass.” Before being bombed by a teacher’s metal key cap, the poison has been deep, and my heart has been planting grass for a long time, but I’ve never had a good chance to pull it out. Coincided with the DOTA2 key cap. Not yet hot enough to immediately run here to organize valuable friends.

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This one is HolyOOPS's DOTA2 logo key cap, which is quite poisonous for my DOTA fan. Except for being too expensive, there is no reason to refuse.

If not much to say, start with the box. The keycap is in a square box-sized drawer-type box. When you pull it out, you see a small metal box.

Because the picture cannot be seen, it's almost no bigger than a cup of tea used for tea. This small iron box has no feeling like the previous Baique Ling.

Open the box and you will see the keycap body embedded in the sponge. The middle red pattern needless to say, each DOTA fans are familiar with the not familiar with the sign, this simple two-way three-way attack map, evolved more than N tactics.

The keycap is made of aluminum alloy, and the DOTA2 logo on the surface is integrally machined by the CNC. It is quite exquisite to play. Due to limited conditions, no macro lens, on the black bottom of the red LOGO, also made a lot of pit detail, the reduction is very high.

Familiar with the value of the CNC may be strange, CNC because the cutter head is a round reason, the inner corner can hardly be right-angled, but in this keycap, the inner corner of the pattern is quite straight, I once thought it was a direct mold injection out again Handcrafted.

The two colors on the surface are colored by cationic oxidation, and the color is achieved by secondary oxidation.

The keycap is R4 height. Since the top row of my keyboard is R5, it is obviously a little short on the top.

Retire the line is more harmonious

Tried a few locations and it feels good

Finally, after some weeping feelings, some people will certainly say that the price you can buy a keyboard to buy a keycap, or only one, will not be worth? It's true that the price is there, but it's hard to buy money. As a topical metal keycap, it is itself out of the angle of practical consideration, so don't measure it with the so-called "cost-effectiveness". For those who like it, it's just for you. How much to like and when to pick up the hand.

At the end of the day, individuals feel that the inadequacy lies in the fact that the packaging is so small that when they just got their hands, there was a serious psychological gap. For this kind of handicraft-grade keycaps, is it possible to change one more and feel more “ceremonially? "A bit of packaging.

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