OLYMPUS Olympus HLD-6 E-M5 exclusive handles out of the box + simple evaluation

Reasons to purchase

domestic New low price: OLYMPUS Olympus HLD-6 camera handle (for OM-D E-M5) 499 yuan with a handle more flagship style, a new low price history. Olympus official online store specials to 499 yuan free shipping, new low prices. Olympus HLD-6 is a camera battery handle designed specifically for the OM-DE-M5, dust and water splash design. With a battery compartment, you can load a lithium battery, which is equivalent to adding a battery to the E-M5 to increase its battery life to 640 photos. In addition to the shutter button for vertical photography, the handle has a value of 69 Comments 50 Collection 41 Direct Links View Details

Original price 2280 Now 499 This is another reason why? Why do you want to pick a bike? Let EM5 fight for another three years (I thought so...)

Appearance Gallery

OBA's online store packaging or reliable

Box photos, compared to the express box, the size is actually very small

There are four things inside: handle, battery box, warranty card and instructions

Let's take a look at the handle

The one thing that is very texture is mainly to enhance the feel of the grip. The appearance of the material is the same as that of the e-m5 metal body. It is matt and hard. In addition, the part that touches the body is flocking. Material; The part in contact with the palm is imitation skin material, consistent with the thumb area of ​​the fuselage operating area. Overall, the handle's work continues the e-m5 metal + imitation leather style, and (black) machine just right The ground blends into one, the weight is not light, gives a strong, refined, retro and modern material technology blessing feeling. There are some drawbacks is that the locking knob is a little weighed, but in daily use has little effect.

Function is a simple copy of the shutter dial. E-m5 feel better after blessing, holding a stronger feeling, the position of the shutter dial is also very comfortable, index finger at your fingertips; the ointment is that the original fuselage The position of the fn2 and rec keys next to the shutter dial is very twisted. One hand is very difficult to operate.

Take another look at the angle. The bottom is the hole for the battery compartment and the associated interface contacts.

Battery box function is more, of course, the volume is also a lot bigger. Figure is the state of the vertical shooting, the thumb next to the new bfn1, bfn2 two keys, you can customize the function in the menu (iso, focus, ae / Af lock, etc.) lock to prevent accidental contact; above is a re-engraving of the two dials on the body, in different modes you can separately control the aperture / shutter / exposure compensation (semi-automatic mode), etc. Vertical line more convenient. Insufficient It is not possible to customize the function of the new dial. If you can, with the mode dial, the full-body e-m5 will have 6 dials.

On the other side, the bottom is delicate rubber material, and compared with the e-m5 of the original bare metal buttocks, it is more stable after being put on.

Small surprise: The battery box supports straight punch, and the charging cable can be inserted into the relevant interface of the battery box. It is unclear whether it also supports charging the built-in battery.

Open and see. The workmanship and e-m5 are maintained at the same level, quite delicate. As an e-m5 accessory, anti-dropping is, of course, necessary. The battery compartment covers are well protected.

There will be PBH below the battery indicator, indicating that the controller battery is currently being used.

The handle and the machine fit. This size is still appropriate. Maybe you can also pretend to be a little impersonating e-m1

The full body is quite a big one. The huge handles on both sides are reminiscent of the 1dx stream, and the weight is not light. It is estimated that there are 800g.

experience feelings

One word: Tangled.

The original intention of using the m43 system is undoubtedly to reduce the burden, volume and weight. The presence of the grip handle is of some value: the enhanced feel and smoothness of operation, and the small increase in volume and weight. The battery compartment is for everyday use. It's awkward to say. The extra burden on the growth of the function is rather worthless: If you want to take a vertical shoot, you can move your flexible wrist. If you want to continue your life, you should have more batteries. The only reason, probably It's 'professional', I'm small, I just can't increase my body. The audience of this controller should still be relatively professional (and more money), and this is probably the handle this time. The fundamental reason for the big sale price is "jumping property prices."

to sum up


Enhanced grip;

Additional functions (mainly reflected in the two bfn keys of the battery compartment);

Additional life;


A substantial increase in volume weight, completely lost the advantage of the m43 system;

Dial can't customize function;

Will obstruct the use of some of the original features (fn2 and other keys, the body battery compartment can not be opened)

as well as:

E-m5 is now so big, self-defense should be more smoothly it ...

to sum up:

Or forget... 500 yuan is money...

Oh, it's sold out...

So we don't have to worry about it...

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