China Southern Power Grid Helps Guangdong Build a LED Industry Base

"The Pearl River Delta region will strive to achieve LED public lighting by the end of 2013 before the end of 2013, achieving energy savings of more than 50% in the province's year-on-year ratio, and stimulating the LED industry to achieve an annual output value of 500 billion yuan by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. More than yuan." On May 28th, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government presided over the Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products work conference, released "Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting industry implementation plan" and deploy and promote the application work. China Southern Power Grid will use South China Energy as its main body to mobilize the entire network, build an open energy service platform, adopt contract energy management and other models, and go all out to assist governments at all levels to promote LED lighting.

Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Governor Zhu Xiaodan attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Governor Liu Zhigeng, on behalf of the provincial government, signed a letter of responsibility for the promotion and application of LED lighting products with local governments at various levels. He Xiqiang, deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, spoke on behalf of the company.

Zhu Xiaodan pointed out that increasing the application and promotion of LED lighting products is the key to promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and it is a major measure to break through the bottleneck of energy conservation, emission reduction and energy shortage, promote science and technology to benefit the people, and promote green and low-carbon development. It has far-reaching implications for the development of the province. The economic significance and special strategic significance. He demanded that all parts of the province, all departments and units must adhere to the combination of government promotion and market operation, technological innovation and application demonstration, nurturing new and changing traditions, supporting enterprises and nurturing clusters, and strive to build Guangdong into a world-renowned LED industry. Manufacturing bases and influential innovative service clusters.

The meeting emphasized that starting from the implementation date of the plan, lighting projects in provinces such as roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and public finances, or state-owned capital investment, and new districts such as Nansha, Qianhai, Hengqin, etc., will all be used. LED lighting products. The province plans to complete the overall goal of “generalizing LED public lighting within three years, and basically universal LED lighting in the province for five years”.

In-depth interpretation: industry opportunities and business opportunities

"Implementation plan" will drive the LED industry to achieve the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to achieve an annual output value of 500 billion yuan Guangdong Province to support the promotion of LED lighting applications, has always been seen as China's LED industry trend vane. According to industry insiders, Guangdong’s LED policy is a force, and the mode of operation has a synergistic effect, giving full play to the “visible hand” of the government and the “invisible hand” of the market, and will form a good pattern of multi-benefits and mutual benefit.

Government: From the largest in the country to the world

The reporter learned that in the past three years, Guangdong province has successively implemented demonstration projects such as "Ten Cities, Ten Thousand Miles", "One Thousand Miles", and "Green Lighting Demonstration City" to promote the use of LED lighting. At present, Guangdong has grown into one of the most active and fastest regions in the development of LED industrialization in China: Last year, the province’s total LED output value exceeded 150 billion yuan, ranking first in the country continuously; the province has installed more than 300,000 LED street lights and a demonstration section of 3000 kilometers. Many kilometers, the application scale ranks first in the country; from the perspective of industrial clusters, Guangdong LED industry scale is the largest in the country, accounting for more than half of the country.

"From the LED province to the LED province, the biggest change from the domestic to the world famous is the future direction of the development of the LED industry in Guangdong." Zhu Xiaodan, deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial party committee, said at the meeting that the LED industry has become the number of Guangdong One of the high-tech fields that has kept pace with the advanced level of the world.

The meeting witnessed once again Guangdong Province's efforts to promote LED lighting again. At the meeting, the provincial government requested that LED lighting products be used in lighting projects in public roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises, and other financial or state-owned capital projects. The original non-LED lighting products are used in The transformation was completed before the end of 2014. Among them, the Pearl River Delta region is striving to be the first to complete before the end of next year.

The provincial government has also included the promotion and application tasks in the assessment of energy-saving and emission reduction of listed governments at various levels, and will issue annual assessment reports from this year.

Industry: Operational Mode Benefits Multiple Parties

“I participated in the provincial conference and I am very excited. The support policy introduced by the conference will promote a large number of excellent local companies to become bigger and stronger, and may even give birth to Philips in the Chinese lighting industry.” Guangzhou Guangwei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Tanyi, chairman of the board, said in an interview.

From a national point of view, as an emerging industry, the promotion and application of LED lighting is still the government's role as a promoter. In 2009, the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Fights” program launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology opened the basic path of “Government-led, market-oriented” LED lighting promotion and application. At the meeting, Li Xinghua, director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, frankly stated that at present, the problem of energy-saving efficiency recovery and high investor risk has not been well resolved, and the driving force for Guangdong's LED industry has not been fully reflected.

"The core of Guangdong's current policy is to innovate its operating model and form a multi-participation, multi-benefits benefit landscape." Industry analysts said. "Implementation plan" made it clear that the contract energy management model as the core, with the urban public utilities additional income to pay for energy-saving benefits as a lever to the public lighting field as a breakthrough, the establishment of government-led, market operations, collaborative division of labor, supporting the promotion of LED lighting products promotion Application system. Guangdong Province plans to extract 0.3 cents/kWh from the 1.4%/kWh provincial surcharge for the construction of the city's urban construction surcharge.

According to the provincial Department of Science and Technology, the promotion and application of LED can not only be energy-saving and environmental-friendly, but also because the lamps are durable and use less power, the economic benefits of the application are also very prominent: this time, Guangdong Province has fully popularized LED lighting in public places, and 2 million LED street lamp renovation projects. The total investment is 4.89 billion yuan. After the transformation, the annual savings of electricity and lamp replacement costs will reach 1.5 billion yuan; during the entire LED lifetime (about 9 years), a total of 18.8 billion kwh of electricity can be saved, which is equivalent to saving the standard coal. With 3.79 million tons, SO2 emissions will be reduced by 70,000 tons, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 2.68 million tons, and smoke and dust emissions will be reduced by 70,000 tons; LED industry will drive the annual output value of 500 billion yuan by the end of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”.

Grid: Seizing the Opportunity to Strengthen the Energy-saving Industry

At the meeting, the speech of He Xiqiang, deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, caused widespread concern from participants. "Southern Power Grid will use South China Energy as its main body to mobilize the entire network and do a good job of application and promotion. It will make due contributions to the development of Guangdong LED industry and the realization of the "12th Five-Year Plan" energy-saving and emission reduction targets." Participants believe that this has signaled China Southern Power Grid's active involvement and initiative in the promotion and application of LED lighting in Guangdong.

Following this year's February, South China Energy Company was awarded the "Guangdong Province Semiconductor Lighting Promotion and Application Center" by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, this meeting formally announced the South Network Energy Company's role as an EMC (Contract Energy Management) operation in the LED industry. . Unlike many small and medium-sized EMC companies, Nanwang Energy Company is obviously more competitive. Analysts in the industry believe that Southnet Energy Co., Ltd. can better solve the current outstanding problems of energy-saving benefit recovery and investor risk.

He Xiqiang said that after the meeting, first, in accordance with the goal of popularizing LED public lighting for three years, it will investigate the existing public lighting load, electricity, and electricity bills in Guangdong Province and implement the implementation plan. The second is to establish a three-layer monitoring LED life cycle quality control system based on the Guangdong LED benchmark product list. The third is to accurately measure the actual power saving of LED lighting, to solve the problem of difficulty in power saving and difficult recovery. The fourth is to give full play to the advantages of the power grid in connecting with millions of households, and to promote and promote the use of LED lighting products in all areas of society.

Prior to this, Nanwang Energy used the contract energy management model to implement LED energy-saving projects for Shaoguan Yihua Mall. The energy-saving rate reached 70%, the average illumination and color rendering index increased by more than 20%, and the cumulative energy saving was nearly 1,000. Millions of watt-hours bring a net gain of 5.42 million yuan. In the next two years, the South China Power Grid stationed in Guangdong will fully promote the use of more than one million LED lighting products. Newspaper reporter Du far <br> <br> count afterwards

Before the renovation (calculated with 2 million street lamps): The annual street lamp electricity fee + lighting replacement cost is about 2.5 billion yuan;

After the transformation: If the province's road lighting uses LED street lights, the above two costs can save a total of 1.5 billion; and according to the savings of electricity and maintenance costs to count, in the LED life-span, local finance can obtain energy savings of about 7.4 billion Yuan can save 10.8 billion kwh of electricity.

In the next two years, the South China Power Grid stationed in Guangdong will fully promote the use of more than one million LED lighting products.

As of the end of May, the entire network completed a total of 290.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which was an increase of only 3.6% year-on-year. Among them, the load growth in Guangdong and Hainan was relatively stable, with a year-on-year increase of 6.2% and 10.2%. The utilization rate of related high-energy-consuming industries in Guangxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou was obviously insufficient, and the electricity volume increased by -4.99%, 0.25%, and 5.29% respectively.



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