Taiwan LED upstream crystal rod factory supply is too difficult to raise prices

LED lighting demand is rapidly increasing, but for the upstream of the crystal rod factory in Taiwan, it is still in an oversupply situation, and the second quarter's quotation is still difficult to reflect the market conditions and increase.

Shang Zhi said that since the beginning of this year, the demand for LED has gradually increased. Originally, there was an opportunity to increase the selling price in the second quarter. However, the price increase is very difficult and cannot be reflected with the market conditions, especially in the grain and sapphire substrate plants. The profit situation has not been significantly improved, and the price increase of the most upstream crystal rod is difficult.

Although the price of crystal rods has fallen, the price trend has stabilized. The decline since 2012 is also significantly slower than in 2011. The outlook for the global economy is not good. The LED backlight orders in the second half of 2012 may have doubts. However, LED lighting will have the opportunity to ignite market demand in 2012 due to high electricity prices and energy conservation issues. In particular, the mainland government will release the bid orders in succession. Actively deployed Taiwanese businessmen.

At present, Taiwan's pure LED ingot factory includes Shangzhi and Taiju Optoelectronics. As for the crystal rods produced by Zhongmei Lanjing, Zhaoyuan, Hejingguang and Zhaojing, they are required for their own substrates.

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