Talking about the technical scheme of LED ceiling lamp

Talking about the technical scheme of LED ceiling lamp

1. The casing of the traditional ceiling lamp is only replaced by the energy-saving lamp as the LED bulb , which is cheaper and has a certain market. However, this type of lamp is not high, it is difficult to call it LED ceiling lamp, just a traditional ceiling lamp + LED bulb.

2, the early LED ceiling lamps are mostly made of straw hat beads, low light efficiency, poor heat dissipation, high failure rate, so the customer acceptance is not high, now basically Zhongshan family workshop is still producing, mainly on Taobao Sales can not be ruled out on Tmall, but it has not been confirmed.

3. At present, LED ceiling lamps produced by regular manufacturers mostly use low-power LED lamp bead patches, such as 3528, 3014, 5050, etc., with high light efficiency, stable quality, long life and soft light. The biggest disadvantage is higher cost. The market promotion resistance is very big, coupled with the impact of Taobao counterfeit products, it is more difficult to sell, dealers generally do not dare to take risks.

4. Recently, LED ceiling lamps made of high-power (2W, 1W, 0.5W) lamp beads have appeared on the market. Because they are more glaring, the ceiling-to-floor height is below 2 meters, and the user experience is poor, but it has considerable The big cost advantage, whether the price will become a weapon of sales, remains to be seen.

5. In the above situation, the market needs an LED ceiling lamp that is energy-saving and has low price and high comfort. Chengdu Yueyue adopts the technical scheme of high-power LED lamp bead with scattering lens and diffusion plate, which can basically meet the above requirements. It has a good user experience and can reduce the price of LED ceiling lamps. LED lamp molds are currently being developed. It is expected that this new type of LED ceiling lamps will be available soon.

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